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Illegals Crime Report: Has Montgomery County Seen the Light?

Montgomery County, MD was a sanctuary for illegals – then they noticed the spike in crime.

Editor’s Note – The Illegals Crime Report looks at crimes committed in the United States at the hands of those who shouldn’t be in the country.

Week of February 27 – March 5

Crimes Against Children

Montgomery County, Maryland

At least one county has seen the light when it comes to being a haven for illegal immigrants. Montgomery County used to be a sanctuary. But after noticing a spike in crimes in the area committed by undocumented aliens, they decided to do away with that status. The change hasn’t prevented all crimes, of course, but it’s a huge step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, another illegal immigrant has been arrested in the county for raping an 11-year-old girl. Jonathan Coreas-Salamanca of El Salvador, 20, has been charged with sexual abuse of a minor, a third-degree sexual offense, and second-degree rape. He and 19-year-old Ivan Reyes Lopez – both of whom were still in high school – were arrested at their schools.

The victim’s father said he found explicit text messages on his daughter’s phone from Coreas-Salamanca where he allegedly advised the young girl that she had bitten his penis the last time they had been together. Court documents state, “Suspect Coreas-Salamanca’s purpose in sending the text message was to teach Victim A how to better perform fellatio.”

Chicago, Illinois

Unlike Montgomery, Chicago remains a sanctuary city, and that seems unlikely to change soon. Because of this, Christopher Puente, 34, of Mexico was released despite an ICE detainer and left free to assault a three-year-old girl. The alleged incident took place in in a McDonald’s restaurant restroom, where the suspect reportedly lured the little girl to his bathroom stall. The victim’s father was helping her brother in a restroom at the time.

James Murphy, the assistant state’s attorney, said, “The victim called out ‘Daddy, Daddy.’” Puente, who is hearing impaired, confessed to the crime and said he was “f***ed up and thinking dirty.” In court, he signed “You don’t understand. This is my first time.”

Puente has a past criminal record and was deported in 2014, but he sneaked back over the Texas border only five days later. In June 2019, he was arrested for theft and ICE filed a formal request for him to be detained, which, of course, he wasn’t.

Robert Guadian, field office director of Chicago Enforcement and Removal Operations, was furious. “How many more victims must there be before lawmakers realize that sanctuary policies do not protect the innocent?” he asked. “Puente should have been in ICE custody last year and removed to his home county. Instead, irresponsible lawmaking allowed him to walk free and prey on our most vulnerable.”

The Chicago Police Department defended its actions, saying, “Our pledge to restrict ICE access to our information systems and our refusal to cooperate with ICE immigration enforcement measures has not changed.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot even went further and criticized ICE, saying they should “do their job better” and the “Chicago Police Department will not cooperate with ICE on any immigration-related business.”

North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (NCFIRE)

February 2020

Each month, the North Carolina organization NCFIRE posts a list of sexual crimes committed against children by illegal immigrants. The numbers are staggering – especially considering that they’re just for one state. Take a look at the last four months’ worth of statistics.

November 2019

  • 11 illegal immigrants were arrested.
  • 27 charges of child rape and sexual abuse.

December 2019

  • 17 illegal immigrants were arrested.
  • 53 charges of child rape and sexual abuse.

January 2020

  • 38 illegal immigrants were arrested.
  • 140 charges of child rape and sexual abuse.

February 2020

  • 15 illegal immigrants were arrested.
  • 40 charges of child rape and sexual abuse.

This barely represents a drop in the bucket of just how many children are being sexually abused nationwide by people who shouldn’t have been here to begin with.

Sanctuary cities and states are only making it easier for predators to remain in the country as they prey on U.S. children.

Border News and the Coronavirus

Do we really need a border wall? Besides preventing illegal criminal immigrants into the U.S., a wall would offer protection from diseases and viruses. So far this year, about 328 immigrants from China, where the Coronavirus originated, have been caught illegally crossing the border. Three from South Korea and 122 from the Dominican Republic have also been apprehended. In fact, more than 1,000 immigrants per day are caught trying to cross the border from Mexico.

These countries do not have the same health standards and policies as the U.S. Many travelers have not been vaccinated against any of the diseases that have all but been eradicated in the United States. A Homeland Security official told The Washington Times, “The journey to the U.S. border puts migrants in poor conditions. We don’t know if they have come into contact with someone who has the flu, there is no passport, medical history, or travel manifest.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released its operation update for February 2020, which highlighted a tunnel discovery, increase in border crossings, and steep rise in drug seizures. Along the Southwest border, there was an increase of single adult Mexicans and unaccompanied children, the report showed. However, “Overall, February’s actions represent a 74 percent decrease since the peak of the humanitarian and border security crisis in May 2019 and 52 percent lower than last February.” During February 2020, CBP conducted 37,119 enforcement actions of which 30,068 resulted in arrests.

Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott praised the Trump administration’s efforts to help achieve border control:

“The processing pathways and repatriation initiatives which have been implemented by the administration have had a profound effect on CBP’s ability to gain operational control of our borders. The Journey is Futile message is resonating with family units, which are at their lowest point since April of 2018.”

The federal law enforcement agency also said February saw the seizure of 191,000 pounds of drugs along the Southwest border and that seizures of meth are up 66% over this time last year. CBP’s Office of Field Operations’ Executive Assistant Commissioner Todd Owen said, “As we construct a new Wall System along the southwest border, CBP continues to see the increased smuggling of hard drugs through our ports of entry.”

Tune in next week for more on the Illegals Crime Report.


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