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Illegals Crime Report: Assault on Women and Children

These undocumented men use the opportunity to prey on the most vulnerable in society.

Week of September 19-25

Illegals Crime Report brings another sad week of assaults committed against children. Unfortunately, these types of atrocities are the most common of the serious offenses committed by criminal migrants. Another incident sees a woman molested by her own friend.

Convicted Criminal Molests Children

San Antonio, TX

Oscar Orlando Paz

Oscar Orlando Paz, 41, was already in the process of being deported to Honduras when he sexually assaulted two young children in their own home. The mother claimed that she had left her children under the supervision of two relatives. For some reason, the adults left the residence, leaving the kids alone.

The children found Paz, who was unknown to them, in their kitchen. He reportedly told the minors to go outside, where he proceeded to pull down their pants and molest them. The victims finally ran inside the home and locked the door while Paz rode away on a bicycle.

When the mother came home and found the children crying, she called the police. DNA samples were taken from saliva left behind, which was matched to Paz in the Texas State Convicted Offender Database. The illegal immigrant had previously been arrested and convicted in Dec. 2018 of burglary of habitation in San Antonio.

By this time, Paz was being held on detainer at an ICE facility in Houston, TX, as authorities prepared to deport him. The state filed charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child, which nullified the deportation order. According to a local newspaper, Paz has been extradited to San Antonio to stand trial.

Illegal Immigrant Accused of Rape

Montgomery County, MD

Josue Gomez-Gonzalez

According to reports, Josue Gomez-Gonzalez, an immigrant from El Salvador, picked up a female friend on Sept. 10. The pair purchased a bottle of Hennessy and drove to a park in Gaithersburg, MD. Police say Gomez-Gonzalez raped the woman in the back seat of his vehicle and then drove her to his house in Montgomery, where he sexually assaulted her again.

The suspect has been charged with two counts of second-degree rape. If he is convicted, he could receive a prison sentence of up to 50 years. ICE has filed a detainer on him as well.

Montgomery County seems to be a hotbed for illegals committing crimes, especially sexual assaults. In 2016, there were 314 rape cases reported in the area. Since July of this year, police have arrested at least five undocumented immigrants for raping females in the county.

Montgomery County follows sanctuary laws that prohibit local police from working with ICE for immigration control. Without cooperation across law enforcement agencies, it is difficult to apprehend these dangerous criminals. And still the left demands open borders. Until politicians are “woke” to the dangers of sanctuary cities and states, we will continue to see illegal immigrants committing crimes against our society and then being released back into neighborhoods to continue hurting our families and friends.


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