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Illegal Aliens Fly the Friendly Skies with Arrest Warrants as ID

‘September 11, 2001, taught us how disastrous it can be to let the wrong people onto planes.’

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is tasked with keeping travel safe for Americans and foreign visitors. TSA agents will make you take off your shoes, whip out a very friendly wand to search one’s most personal space, and then haul off the unsuspecting grandmother for further interrogation when rifling through luggage reveals a pair of knitting needles. So, a critical-thinking person might ask why illegal aliens coming through airports aren’t required to meet the same ID requirements as citizens. In fact, the TSA has been allowing illegal aliens to fly the friendly skies using arrest warrants to verify identity.

One must wonder if the travelers who supply their own wanted posters were already counted in the reported 8.7 million illegal immigrants let loose without proper documentation in Joe Biden’s America, or if they’re extra.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) wants to keep a spotlight on this national security problem: “Lawful US citizens are subject to reasonable photo ID requirements when they fly. But illegal immigrants with potential ties to terrorist organizations or gangs can make do with less?”

“Perhaps the Biden administration’s bureaucrats have forgotten why we instituted flight safeguards in the first place: because September 11, 2001, taught us how disastrous it can be to let the wrong people onto planes,” Rubio continued.

Donde Esta Su Orden de Arresto?

This level of absurdity in immigration policy could only come from the Biden administration. Multiple hearings on the subject have been held since the rule was instituted in early 2022, with no answers as to why someone can use their criminal actions to secure a seat to roam around the US. In the first few months, TSA confirmed it had accepted arrest warrants as proof of ID for 1,000 illegal immigrants to board a plane.

GettyImages-1993480283 Josh Hawley

Josh Hawley (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Alarmed, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) grilled TSA Administrator David Pekoske during a Senate hearing only to have the bureaucrat utter this inane answer: “We aren’t looking at whether a person is legal or illegal in the country. Our role is to make sure that people who may pose a risk to transportation that is significant enough to require enhanced screening or to not allow them to fly.”

Hawley was taken aback: “So your position is someone who is known to have violated the laws of the United States does not thereby need enhanced screening?”

“Sir, there are people who violate the laws of the United States every day who fly,” Pekoske responded. “We look for things related to transportation security.” Like, maybe, start at a cartel boss or a human or sex trafficking head honcho who doesn’t want to drive across I-40 for pickups and drop-offs.

But wait, there’s more: The Biden Administration has admitted to flying as many as 320,000 illegal immigrants on secret flights into various destinations within the US – just to avoid the optics at the Southern Border. Why the smoke and mirrors?

Illegal Opaque Laws

The Department of Homeland Security seemingly shrugs off the notion that illegal immigrants are getting a pass. In the flurry of statements back and forth from politicians and administration officials, a DHS spokesperson claimed: “Recent reports that noncitizens have lower security bars for traveling on domestic flights are false. Noncitizens without acceptable forms of ID must undergo additional, more robust screenings to fly within the United States.”

However, that statement, in light of the actions of TSA, is simply not true. On the government web page, TSA let’s everyone know what they can use as ID. Nowhere does it say arrest warrants for illegally entering the US.

In Biden’s tenure as president, his open borders policy has caused chaos on the border and across the nation from Seattle to South Carolina, Vermont to Arizona, and all points in between. Over 20,000 Communist Chinese nationals have illegally crossed the Southern Border since FY24 began in October. And 340 individuals who are on the nation’s terrorist watchlist were close to having a free pass to come in.

Rubio, Hawley, and a host of others are proposing legislation called the SECURE Flights Act to at least plug one hole in the illegal immigration dam. It has been in the Senate’s hands, where lawmakers continue to dither, clutch pearls, and debate who they will alienate most: progressives or Americans.

“Only time will tell the outcome,” Rubio opined, “but the American people deserve a sign their leaders are still looking after them, and I hope my colleagues agree to give them one.”

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