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Humor, Offense, and the Ridiculous Left

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Narrated News, The Left

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Representative Martha McSally (R-AZ), recently drew attention from the left for joshing about building a wall between Arizona and California during a roundtable meeting at the White House.  McSally, a hard-liner on illegals and “build the wall” proponent soon found that humor is officially unacceptable in politics.

Yes, the Democrats haven’t cracked a smile since November 2016 and they aren’t about to allow anyone else to sport a grin and kid around.

Finding herself in the crosshairs of the media and ultra-sensitive liberals, McSally had to explain the concept stating, “The left has gone hysterical as usual, and it seems like they can’t take a joke.”  And a touch of comic relief seems necessary in this profession.

Is She on to Something?

McSally is from Tucson, the Old Pueblo city snuggled up to the southern border, and has witnessed, up close, the ravaging effects of rampant illegal crossings; overburdening housing, healthcare, welfare and educational services that legal residents must share.  There is never enough to go around.

Add in California’s elected nimrods promoting sanctuary cities, shirking the federal laws on immigration, and proudly waving the “50th/50 in Quality of Life!” banner, many of the illegals are smart enough to head east.  And Arizona is the physical and logical next step on their criminal journey.

During the White House roundtable, McSally, after subdued chuckles, camouflaged as coughs, subsided (one never knows who will tattle these days), she expounded on her border wall comment:

“But the issue is very serious. These dangerous policies out of California are choosing to let violent, criminal aliens be released from jail and not contact the feds. That’s not just impacting California communities. This has the opportunity to impact safety and security across the country, not just in Arizona. It impacts the rest of us because these criminals will move quickly to other jurisdictions.”

Who Said Secession?

With a head of state, Governor Jerry Brown, who might govern by the Timothy Leary method—turn on, tune in, drop out—and local municipal loonies such as Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf aiding illegals residing in our country and sucking up America’s bounty, perhaps a wall is just the ticket.  Or California can secede and stop shirking our nation’s laws altogether. 

It appears that even Californians have had enough of the alt-left’s shenanigans; it has been proposed by the group, New California, to extricate themselves from the left coast lunatics and they have prepared the documents for creating the 51st state citing that “California has become ungovernable.”  It is difficult when elected officials break federal laws.


Secession is, at best, a long-shot, but this demonstrates the level of frustration we see daily throughout the country.

Is McSally a Trend?

Is McSally ahead of the curve in her race to the U.S. Senate seat soon to be vacated by the unpopular Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ)?  She has been adamant and outspoken recently on the lack of responsible governing in the Golden State, when she stated emphatically on Fox News, “Look, [California governor] Jerry Brown might want to start building a wall between California and Arizona because his policies are actually endangering the rest of the country. He can’t just keep them there.”

Truth spoken.  But the elected people of California don’t care, and Brown is still celebrating the Summer of Love.  And that ain’t no joke.

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