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Just a few nights ago, Hollywood held the Golden Globe awards. Awards were given out to people who pretend to be someone else for a career. Word began to spread to the invitees to wear black in support of the “Me Too” movement against sexual assault. Rather than raising awareness to the problem, it merely showed the hypocrisy of the industry.

A few months ago, the influential Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed as an atrocious sexual predator. Many other Hollywood elites were accused soon after, such as Kevin Spacey, Danny Masterson, Ben Affleck, and dozens more. These are the same people who often claimed to be the most “pro-women” or “male feminists” you would ever meet. They had the utmost respect for women, they argued. Turns out that was quite untrue.

Oprah Winfrey was one of the biggest names there. She gave a speech that some now claim has vaulted her into political greatness. She stood on the stage, in her black dress of course, and spoke at length about the problem of sexual assault and harassment in this country. However, she forgot to mention that this “Me Too” movement started because of a high-power Hollywood executive sexually preying on women.

I have a feeling Oprah managed to leave out the origin of the movement because it was the victims of her buddy, Harvey Weinstein, who began the unveiling of sexual assault and harassment in Tinsel Town. In fact, Oprah has a history of sidling up next to men who end up accused of sexually abusive behavior.

I find it hard to believe all of these actors and actresses didn’t know what was going on. Weinstein alone had 84 accusers – and he is far from the only one. The people who make up the majority of Hollywood are a tight group, and it took decades to say something. The reason? Money. These people don’t have morals. They were looking for the next movie deal that would bring a massive paycheck. They were complicit in what people like Weinstein were doing to young, vulnerable women, so long as they could make the next step. The guilt is not only on Weinstein, but those who knew and did nothing.

The hypocrisy shouldn’t surprise you, though. Hollywood is a haven of extreme leftism. They are a large group of people who have no problem with infanticide. Why would they have a problem satisfying their twisted desires by using power and money?

The hypocrites didn’t fail to disappoint. There were several women who accused Weinstein of sexual assault that were not invited. And it just so happens one of them was Rose McGowan, the actress who broke this scandal.

The Golden Globes event wasn’t filled with people wearing black to show solidarity against sexual assault and harassment. It was filled with Hollywood hypocrites. In the end, the attendees did what they do best: They pretended to be people they really aren’t.


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John Washington

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John Washington



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