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Liberty Nation Submission Guidelines

Liberty Nation accepts original articles for publication online. Please do not submit articles that have been published elsewhere or are submitted to multiple media outlets simultaneously. You are welcome to provide a deadline in which the article is available to Liberty Nation. Once an article is published by Liberty Nation, you may republish it if LibertyNation.com is sourced and hyperlinked as the original publisher. We do not pay for unsolicited submissions.

Please carefully read our submission guidelines:

Overarching Standards:

  • Line and content editing are at the sole discretion of Liberty Nation.
  • No changes by the author following the initial submission are permitted.
  • If your submission is accepted for publication, the author will not be consulted regarding the final edit.
  • The author has no input regarding format or image selection.
  • The author is not permitted to withdraw his or her submission after initial acceptance.
  • Response to the author following initial acceptance is unlikely due to the volume of submissions.

General format
All text should be submitted in Microsoft Word.  We cannot print submissions that are sent as a text in an email.


  • Your text should not have indentations for paragraphs.
  • All quotes should be bolded and not indented.
  • Single space text. Double-space between paragraphs.
  • Put quotations around block quotes and be sure to hyperlink your source.
  • Follow Fair Use Copyright Guidelines which essentially say you should not quote more than a couple of hundred words of another article. If the article is brief, however, your quotation must be adjusted accordingly.
  • Use underlines, all caps and italics sparingly.
  • Use the Columbia Guide to Online Style 2ndEdition as a rubric for your writing. Generally, short declarative sentences are preferred. Make your point. Feel free to be witty. Liberty Nation seeks thoughtful articles for the thinking citizen. You need not over-intellectualize your article but be careful not to write for the lowest common denominator.

LibertyNation.com is a project of One Generation Away, a non-profit organization. As such we cannot endorse political candidates, parties, or specific legislation in any way, shape, or form. Neither can we advocate against political candidates, parties, or specific legislation. Our mission is to seek and promote conservative and libertarian policy through commentary, opinion, or analysis.

Fact Check & Proofread
You are solely responsible for the facts you present in your article. Please double check all sources and hyperlinks. Gossip, hearsay, and the like will not be accepted by the editors. Please carefully proofread your article at least twice. We strongly suggest you proof your article through the free version of Grammarly before submission.

The author’s name will appear as a byline on the homepage as well as a brief two-line bio at the end of each article along with a picture of the author. You are welcome to hyperlink to any other outlets where your articles have appeared within the context of your bio.

Please send your submissions to [email protected] with the word SUBMISSION IN ALL CAPS FOLLOWED BY THE SUGGESTED TITLE OF YOUR PIECE. Use the following as a template for your article:

Title of Article

Name of Author

The date on which you SUBMIT the article

Your email should not be any longer than one or two sentences, carrying only the most pertinent information. Attach the article along with your BIO and picture in this same correspondence, please.  We will make every effort to notify you if your submission is accepted by reply email. This is not always possible but is our objective.


We welcome you to Liberty Nation and look forward to reading and publishing your work.

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