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Hilton Coughs Up Big Bucks for Globalist Agenda

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation financially backs a Pandora's box of radical objectives.

Hilton Hotels heir Barron Hilton died Sept. 19, leaving 97% of his vast fortune to the philanthropic foundation that bears his father’s name. The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation will see its already enormous endowment more than double from $2.9 billion to a staggering $6.3 billion as a result of this gesture. Read the foundation’s litany of leftist and globalist ventures and weep.

Funding Bernie’s Program

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) came under fire recently for advocating population control as a way to deal with so-called climate change. The comments were seen by many, especially in Third World nations, as an endorsement of eugenics. Sanders’ only sin, in the eyes of the liberal establishment, was publicly airing the issue. But this is exactly what some philanthropic giants (such as the Warren Buffett Foundation) and powerful international organizations (such as the United Nations) have been pursuing avidly for years. Despite the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s stated mission of supporting Catholic education and nuns, the organization actively bankrolls groups promoting abortion and contraception throughout the world. But perhaps this goes hand in hand with its backing of a leftist social vision that is Catholic in name only. On its website, the foundation states that it helps “Catholic sisters to become recognized as global leaders in sustainable human development.” According to the foundation, Catholic nuns “stand with individuals experiencing oppression, promote peace and advocate for justice.”

It’s unsurprising then that this very earthly brand of Catholicism easily allies with the advocates of abortion. The foundation is a longtime donor to PATH, a global health organization. In 2009, PATH was awarded the lucrative Hilton Humanitarian Prize, which came with a $1.5 million bonus. “PATH began in 1977 with the work of three health researchers in Seattle, working from $92,000 of seed money to improve contraceptive technologies in Southeast Asia,” the foundation acknowledges on its website.

In the world of global “family planning,” abortion almost always accompanies contraception campaigns. Such is the case with PATH. In 2013, the organization issued a report titled “Strengthening the Quality of Abortion Services in Vietnam,” which detailed its efforts “to improve the quality of and access to medical abortion services, including post-abortion family planning, at the district level in Vietnam.” At the same time, PATH teamed up with the United Nations Population Fund and various NGOs, including an affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, on a program titled “Road-Mapping a Total Market Approach for Family Planning and Reproductive Health Commodity Security.” The effort, aimed at nations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, included developing scenarios to successfully encourage the widespread use of contraceptives and the abortion pill in these countries. Contraceptive implants and finding “a way to provide subsidized female condoms to adolescents” are specifically mentioned.

Refugees and a Leftist Judiciary

The philanthropy is also an enthusiastic backer of the flood of refugees into Europe. The 2019 Hilton Humanitarian Prize, which came with a $2 million cash gift, was awarded to an organization called METAdrasi. According to the Hilton Foundation, this group has helped facilitate “the reception and integration of nearly one million refugees and migrants throughout Greece since 2009.” As the group touts on its website, “Believing that migration leads to development, METAdrasi is determined to uphold and protect the fundamental human rights of all those displaced and persecuted through innovative interventions.”

The Hilton Foundation firmly supports political causes as well. It is a donor to a US activist group dedicated to blocking conservative judges and making sure progressives are seated in their place. The Alliance for Justice (AFJ) is engaged in an all-out effort to thwart President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees. “Our country is facing a crisis as the Trump Administration is packing the courts with ultraconservative ideologues intent on turning back the clock on our rights and liberties,” the alliance alleges on its website. “AFJ is leading the opposition to unqualified and unsuitable nominees.”

AFJ boasts a dizzying list of “member organizations” that might be described as a who’s who of the radical left. Among them are the Abortion Care Network, NARAL Pro-Choice America, the National Center for Transgender Equality, the National Education Association, the National Immigration Forum, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Sierra Club, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The watchdog group Influence Watch lists the Hilton Foundation as an AFJ donor. The foundation’s website shows a $50,000 donation to AFJ in July 2015 for “supporting advocacy and policy.”

The Hilton philanthropy is a founding donor of a new campaign to “change workplaces in the US and around the world” to meet the requirements of global feminism. Billed as the Collaborative Fund for Women’s Safety and Dignity, the organization will be funded with “at least $5 million annually” for a minimum of five years by 11 core donors. Other seed donors include CBS, the liberal Ford Foundation, and notorious progressive billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. Soros agent Kavita N. Ramdas, director of the Open Society Foundations’ Women’s Rights Program, told Inside Philanthropy as the new endeavor was announced that “women’s bodies have long been the battleground for equality, justice and freedom” in patriarchal societies and that “sexual assault and harassment in the workplace are a crucial part of this systemic problem.”

This is just a short briefing on the leftist agenda being abetted by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. Would the founder of the Hilton Hotels chain, who thrived in a very different America, approve of the ultra-progressive causes the foundation that bears his name so handsomely subsidizes?  Thanks to the financial windfall his son Barron just bestowed upon it, the Hilton Foundation’s one-sided cultural wrecking ball will be swinging for some time to come.


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