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Hillary Persists, and Chicago Democrats Prep for Doomsday

Has America learned anything?

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Heartlanders were rudely reminded that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is continuing her blame game. The City of Chicago is preparing early for absolute chaos coming to town with the Democratic National Convention, and corporate-owned media is amazed that President Trump is doing well in blue-state strongholds. Finally, a week of demands from Joe Biden to nemesis Trump had folks calling for sanity – including a few Democrats.

The Democrats Abandoned Hillary Clinton

It is somewhat sad that a once powerful woman in political circles has not regained her balance after losing to Donald Trump in 2016. Her latest accusation is that women couldn’t stomach her because she was “not perfect.”

In an interview published last week, Clinton was adamant: “They left me because they just couldn’t take a risk on me because, as a woman, I’m supposed to be perfect.” LeNae Smith in Idaho asked, “Why is Bill still hanging around then?”

Clinton continued: “They were willing to take a risk on [former President Trump] — who had a long list of, let’s call them flaws, to illustrate his imperfection — because he was a man, and they could envision a man as president and commander in chief.”

Hillary’s claims were “fact-checked” by Clinton consultant and sometimes surrogate Tracy Sefl. “Is there a double standard? One hundred percent times 100 percent. And God forbid if she coughs.” Well, that’s just deplorable in this day and age.

Unfortunately for her, however, Democrats, Republicans, and people of myriad other political ideologies just didn’t appreciate what Hillary would bring to the Oval Office. Geoffrey Sea of Sargents, OH – who proudly admits to being a delegate for Joe Biden in 2020 – had a very thoughtful response: “Women and men abandoned her because she blamed all of her own and her husband’s failings on voters, instead of accepting the blame herself.” He continued: “She was likely the only politician in America who could have lost to Donald Trump. She should never have run, and after announcing her candidacy, she should have withdrawn so she could be prosecuted for the classified documents charges.”

However, in Alabama, John Bailey was less subtle: “Many abandoned her because they felt there was a greater than 50/50 chance she was the Antichrist.”

The Audacity of Americans

Dasha Burns from NBC News was taken aback that the Bronx Trump Rally featured so many black and brown-skinned folks, with several Hasidic Jews thrown in for good measure, wearing MAGA swag and chanting “I Love Trump.”

She related her frustrations: “I talk to them about some of the comments that he’s made and the policies beyond rhetoric, right? They are just so focused on what their lives are like right now, what they can feel tangibly that when I push back with those comments, they shut that down.”

In Fort Wayne, IN, Dave Clark’s view was an alternative theory to Miss Burns’: “No. That’s because Americans are waking up to fake news and lies! Those pushing racism are Democrats who are the true racists.”

Bracing for 1968 Chicago: 2.0

The DNC held their nominating convention in Chicago in August 1968, and it was a doozy, with political delegate infighting on the convention floor and protesters on the outside fighting local law enforcement and brawling on the city streets. There was some head cracking involved. “The whole world was watching,” storied CBS reporter Dan Rather announced from ground zero inside.

Jim Schnura in Bulls Gap, TN, made a prediction: “I’m betting 2024 is going to make ’68 look like child’s play.” He might be right.

Alderman Brian Sigcho Lopez lobbed this grenade on X: “We have a clear message to @POTUS & the whole DNC establishment, including @GovPritzker who shamefully has not called on a Cease fire yet. If war criminal Netanyahu is allowed to attack Rafah with our tax dollars, we will reject the DNC in Chicago.”

Lopez has friends, too. Over 70 organizations have created a  “March on the DNC” coalition and plan to protest President Joe Biden as “complicit in the genocide” of Palestinians. The federal government has given $75 million to the Windy City to secure the greatest show on Earth. Still, the other Lopez in the debate, Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez, says gatherings are “raising some serious concerns.” He said:

“Individuals are not coming here to peacefully protest. They’re coming here so that they can take home the badge of honor being pelted by a police officer’s weapon or some sort of mark of shame to take home. When you have Democratic Socialist members of the city council and other individuals openly advocating for people to organize without permits, to organize protests and counter-protests, and to be prepared to make this greater than 1968, which was one of the darkest chapters in our city’s history, politically, we have to be prepared for anything.”

Biden Team Demands Coddling

Team Biden keeps coming up with demands to honk off Donald Trump. So far, the GOP contender has stayed unruffled. Joe wants debate rules: no live audience, candidates always seated at a table, no standing, loitering, or asking follow-up questions, and mics muted after each candidate speaks. Also, only two candidates are allowed. C’mon, man, where’s the democracy in keeping RFK Jr. outside?

Heartlanders have their own set of rules: pack the house, no teleprompters, no ear bugs, and pre-debate drug tests. Laura DT in Evansville, IN, advised: Trump should just stand anyway.”

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