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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – June 16, 2024

by | Jun 16, 2024 | Articles, Quizzes

Test Your News Knowledge - 6/16/24
1. Joe Biden’s re-election campaign hired Austin Weatherford, a national Republican engagement director, to:
2. The May Employment Report showed that ______, with 68,000 new positions, was the top industry for job creation.
3. Internal migration in the US has recently shifted; Rather than moving to Florida or Texas, movers are choosing states like Tennessee, Georgia, and:
4. More than ever before, young voters tend to vote in higher numbers for _______ candidates.
5. Biden’s campaign aired a digital ad on D-Day that highlighted Trump as a draft dodger when, in fact, Biden was one himself. Trump could not be drafted due to bone spurs, while Biden avoided the draft due to:
6. Which celebrity chef and Food Network judge vowed never to open another restaurant in California until they fix the progressive policies that have thwarted the ability to profit in the food industry?
7. The industry of _____ has lost much of its luster due to high prices, reduced nutritional gains, and lack of taste.
8. _________ is the only attending leader of the G7 to be labeled “far right” by the world’s media.
9. __________ is fighting against the release of the Hur Tapes, arguing first that there is no legislative purpose in releasing the recordings and secondly that the advancement of AI could promote disinformation.
10. Tajikistan migrants in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles were arrested last week as suspected terrorists. One or more of the men used the _______ app created by the Biden administration to enter the US.

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