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Georgia to Enforce Indoctrination – Guess Who Pays

In keeping with the insanity that reigns supreme on our nation’s campuses today, Georgia Southern University is the latest college to come up with a diversity course requirement for its students. The school is mandating that all first and second-year students take “diversity and inclusion” courses.

The move comes after black students spearheaded a resolution through the GSU Student Government Association that stated, “[t]here is a lack of civil discourse about race, diversity, and inclusion due to a fear of backlash among faculty, staff, and students on this campus.” Along with providing further proof that America’s colleges today are nothing more than indoctrination factories for leftist values, the move highlights the poor bang for the buck to be found in a university degree.

Tedious and Costly

Tuition is $23,394 per year for in-state students at GSU and $35,526 per year for out-of-state students, according to the website collegedata.com. With course hours being so pricey, how can students at GSU and elsewhere not be furious at having to spend lavishly to be spoon-fed mindless pabulum meant to teach them “the capacity to listen to and communicate respectfully with others of diverse perspectives”?

“College is already expensive and stressful,” GSU sophomore Matthew Frost said to Campus Reform. “I can’t continue to pay for additional courses and spend valuable time sitting through courses where a professor is teaching people how to ‘be kind’ to each other. Parents should be teaching that at home, for free.”

These schools are supposed to be providing a quality product – a good education – for the high fees they charge. Requiring students to pay through the nose to be lectured on diversity and inclusion is akin to a supermarket forcing customers to buy the really expensive tofu.

Accompanying the financial outrage is the mind-numbing stupidity of oxymoronic labels such as “mandatory diversity.” Tulane University inadvertently points out the dull idiocy of its diversity program in a couple of neat quotes. “Now, every student will have to think about issues of privilege, equity, social justice, and inclusion,” professor Rebecca Mark, director for Tulane’s Center for Academic Equity, boasted when the school’s new required courses were announced in September. And here’s another comment from Professor Mark:

“Without student leaders who represent diverse identities, perspectives, and cultures, institutions of higher learning can easily reproduce homogeneity of thought as well as of knowledge.”

So, if you’re scoring at home, the good professor is saying that only by drumming the same rigid social justice mantras into the minds of all students can today’s universities avoid having students who all think the same. This is what passes for intellectual thought in the world of academia in 2018.

Leftist Scam

Of course, the regular coursework has been poisoned in America’s centers of higher learning for decades now. I still recall a freshman-year geography course that I took in college in the late ’80s as being a fountain of leftist indoctrination. We were “taught” that abortion is the oldest form of birth control in world history – I remember it being weirdly emphasized again and again and ending up as a question on the final exam. One time, they asked all the students in class who planned to have more than one child to raise their hands. I think you get the idea of how the course went. This was a Geography 101 class. And this was 30 years ago. Things have gotten much worse since.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”24″]… the mind-numbing stupidity of oxymoronic labels such as “mandatory diversity.”[/perfectpullquote]

America’s colleges have degenerated into an absolute rip-off racket over the past 30-odd years. They tie a financial millstone around young people just starting out in their adult lives and give them a dumbed-down, leftist “education” in return. The biggest reason they have been able to get away with this is the subsidization program for these parasites known as federal student loans.

President Trump needs to keep fighting the good fight and deeply cut into this welfare program for ivory tower leeches. When our nation’s universities are actually forced to offer a quality education to attract students once again, this diversity nonsense will melt away without much ado.

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