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Flyover Folk Discuss a Kennedy Backlash and the Death of Feinstein

Kennedy’s campaign may forge on, full steam ahead, outside the Democratic Party.

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Heartlanders respectfully commented on and mourned the death of Dianne Feinstein, a political icon; perked up at the notion that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a dark horse Democratic presidential candidate, is hinting at switching party affiliations; and braced themselves for the impending national emergency alert sirens to toll ominously on October 4.

Even Kennedy Has Had Enough

The most iconic name in the history of the Democratic Party is threatening to jump ship. After being dissed by the Biden Bunch and the new, elitist power in his beloved party, Kennedy has an announcement to make on October 9. Most believe he’ll say his campaign for president is full steam ahead, unaligned with the new Democrats in charge. Mediaite reported the announcement will come on a campaign stop in Pennsylvania.

The radical left has dismissed RFK Jr., calling him a “conspiracy theorist” after he publicly stumped against the Fauci fervor and pushy COVID-19 vaxxers. Martha Johnston from the early primary state of Iowa commented: “I am a conservative, and I applaud him. I loved his book on Fauci.”

The conservatives still debating the prospects at hand have a better opinion of the anti-war candidate, but some worry the third-party status will shift the votes to Biden in the long haul. But Tom Welling in Chicago sees the opposite: “Trump supporters don’t trust (previous) democrats. He will pull more votes from Biden than Trump.” Rob Mowlam in Nederland, TX, reminded folks: “Well, the DNC rigged the primary to make it impossible for him to win. This is a thumb in the eye of the DNC.”

“Thumb in the eye” or a plausible candidacy, either way, Jerry Pederson of Belle Fourche, SD, welcomed the coming independent affiliation and stated: “Thanks, finally a true candidate.”

Heartlanders Appreciate Self-Awareness

GettyImages-1659531600-min Feinstein

(Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

“She didn’t feel well this morning,” Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said Thursday, as reported by The Hill after Sen. Dianne Feinstein was absent from a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. But she did manage to cast a yea vote to proceed to a funding bill for the Federal Aviation Administration just hours before her last breath. Party affiliations aside in this tumultuous political climate, no one can dispute Sen. Feinstein’s trailblazing impact on California, the federal government, and women’s empowerment over her decades of public service.

But as most folks in flyover states were quick to offer condolences to the family, some were exasperated by Feinstein’s lack of self-awareness. Levi Wesche opined: “Feinstein was 90 years old, senile, had given up power of attorney, and was still voting on national policy matters in a position she had occupied for over 30 years.”

“Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you fall, it should be universally apparent that a woman who does not have the presence of mind to make her own medical decisions should not be making national sweeping policy decisions,” he continued. In Custer, SD, Jim Whittley knows you can’t outrun the inevitable: “Mother Nature’s term limits,” he said.

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