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Flyover Folk Appalled by Lowering of DC Voting Age

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Articles, Columns

The Heartland was atwitter with the explosive news that our nation’s capital city is considering allowing 16 and 17-year-old children to vote in federal elections.  Following the announcement by DC Councilman Charles Allen of his intent to rally council members to push through the measure, pundits on the right foamed at the mouth while proponents on the left happily hoped to pad voter rolls.

At the local Mexican food joint in west central Indiana, patrons, wait staff, and the Hispanic family who owns the busy diner were all too eager to engage on the topic of kids voting.

Juan Carlos and his son, Nico, thought they were being punked by the query, and an internet search was needed.  Once informed, their incredulous expressions spoke volumes.  Derisive laughter soon followed, along with an aggressive head shaking.

“This is the same generation that eats detergent,” Juan Carlos said, clearly puzzled by the thought of this potential travesty.  “Can this be legal?”

In a word, yes. While the 26th Amendment guarantees the right to vote for those over 18, there isn’t anything to stop state and local municipalities from lowering the minimum age.

The last time the voting age was tinkered with was in 1971 during the Vietnam War.  Protesters argued that if one could fight in the war, they should be granted the right to vote.

But teenagers in the 1960s and 70s were much more responsible and grounded than kids today.  They left high school and did one of three things: went to college; enlisted in the military; or, went to work, married, and started a family.  They certainly did not snort condoms and challenge friends to voluntarily place their hand on hot stove burners.

Alex, a 60-something grandfather of two teens, offered his expert opinion between bites of his hefty Chimichanga.  “Kids today have the attention span of a gnat.  They sure don’t need to be used as a major voting block against logic and common sense.”

A couple of young folk enjoying giant margaritas after a day of muddin’ (an off-road activity) were eager to offer their two-cents on the subject.  They felt that using kids to further a progressive agenda was clearly demonstrating a ridiculous double standard.

Jax, a 26-year-old Chicago native, was quick to point out that if they are granted the vote, “they should be able to purchase a firearm and get married without their parent’s consent.”

Jay’s younger sister, Bernadette, 22, added, “Oh yeah, and buy alcohol and get your ears pierced without a note from your mom.”

Hey Democrats; don’t you see the problem here?

The left, in the rush to further their progressive socialistic agenda, does not think before trying out the latest preposterous idea the news media assures them is garnering the most attention.  It’s an insidious circle of stupidity, and the sweat of their desperation has, quite frankly, become a permeable stench.

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