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Finally Proof of Illegal Alien Voting

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Articles, Politics

A recent report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) will have red-blooded Americans ready to invade designated sanctuary cities and round up illegal immigrants without the assistance from the federal government.

Titled Safe Spaces, the 27-page document explains in detail how sanctuary cities are providing cover for illegal aliens to stay on voter rolls across the nation.  One point made perfectly clear is that “aliens are getting on the rolls, aliens are voting, and in sanctuary jurisdictions they aren’t being prosecuted for doing so.”

And no, it’s not just a California anomaly.  Illegal voting practices are committed in places you may not have even imagined.

The Known Abusers

Fairfax County, Virginia, tops the list of illegal voting violators with 1,334 perpetrators. If you combine Chesterfield County and Arlington, the state of Virginia allowed, perhaps even encouraged, 1,800 foreign nationals to stay on voter rolls.  Failing to prosecute these illegal aliens further insults the democratic process of American elections.

Also making the list are safe space cities within Illinois (no surprise there), New Jersey, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New York.

But let’s address California – and the downward spiral of destruction in their sanctuary cities.

The Safe Spaces study does not include the significant sanctuary jurisdictions of Los Angeles and Alameda Counties.  These entities who harbor illegals proudly, refused PILF’s and local registered voters’ requests for information.

Confident that the state will protect these criminal activities, officials in sanctuary areas have no fear in flaunting their disregard of federal laws.  And why not?  Review the liberal record of this state thumbing their nose at attempts to rein in dangerous foreign criminals.  The Oakland mayor mass texted the illegal aliens in her constituency of impending ICE raids, putting the lives of federal agents in jeopardy, to protect people who should not be in America.

Border security is not up for debate by states.  It is a federal responsibility.  But the trend is California Democrats deciding to simply ignore federal laws for whatever reasons suit their agenda.

Want to further muddy the waters?  Well, the city by the bay is the first in the Golden state to allow non-citizen voting.  Just great.  A harbinger of things to come.  When are they seceding?

How Has This Happened?

PILF identified jurisdictions that had a high number of legal immigrants (green card holders) coupled with several local assistance agencies (DMV and economic assistance).  PILF lays a good portion of illegal registrations on the Motor Voter Law, former President Bill Clinton’s brain child:

“The primary reason that noncitizens are getting onto American voter rolls and voting can be traced back to 1993. Within months of assuming the Presidency, Bill Clinton signed into law the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), a sweeping piece of legislation that proponents claimed would increase the number of registered voters and participation in our elections.”

Oh, it increased illegal voters for sure.

Further hammering the fatally flawed law, PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams opined:

“A terrible combination of bad Motor Voter enforcement, increasing chatter over noncitizen voting rights, and simple disregard for immigration law creates an environment for illegal voting. Bad actors and unassuming immigrants are caught up in this system all the same. Congress must update and fix the flaws in the Motor Voter system.”

Who Has the Stones?

When faced with an increasing scourge of illegals attempting to thwart the federal government and lackadaisical state elected officials and politicians luring illegals across the border to develop a voting base, what are good, law abiding Americans to do?

Support this administration and let them do their job.  Voter identification is a must. Cooperation between state and federal governments must be insisted upon, educate the public – the legal public – to stand firm when asked to disregard the law.  And then deport every single one who violates the law.

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