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Fighting Child Rape: The REAL March for Families

The nationwide rallies against immigrant family separation on Saturday, June 30, caught the attention not just of the American media, but also the international press. While many may look upon a campaign titled “#familiesbelongtogether” in a positive light, it is worth noting that another family-oriented march took place in the U.K. that was completely ignored.

The BBC is the British state broadcaster, and as such, has a responsibility under its charter to report, without bias or prejudice, the news that takes place in Britain. The march that took place in Sunderland, in the north of England, was not deemed newsworthy… could this be because it was named “No More Rapes,” and was aimed at demanding that the government deal with the grooming gangs and “migrant rape epidemic” that has seen hundreds of children sexually abused and trafficked?

A City in Crisis

The city of Sunderland, in the Northumbria region, has been hard hit by cases of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). A Government report suggests that there are more than 700 victims of sexual abuse living in the area; the document states that prior to 2014, “perpetrators were not consistently investigated and so went unpunished.” It also points out that the victims were subjected to “inhuman and degrading treatment” during the cursory investigations.

While these types of offenses were not properly investigated prior to 2014, the offenders who have been convicted in the years since, have mainly been British Muslims or Muslim migrants.

An estimated 3,000 protesters, mostly women and girls, marched through the streets of Sunderland expressing their disgust with the courts and the government’s failure to address what one protester described as “the systematic rape of our children.”

Sunderland Member of Parliament, Julie Elliott, has written to the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, who is in charge of law enforcement and migration, to ask for a reprieve from the asylum seekers being foisted upon the area by the government. She requested that:

“… in light of the current tensions within the city… a temporary stop is put on any new asylum seekers being allocated to the city of Sunderland.”

“I feel the police and council are doing everything within their powers and resources to address the situation facing our city, but I do feel very strongly that in the current climate they need to be given the space and time to deal with the situation.”

Unsurprisingly, Elliott has been lambasted by the media and even her fellow Labour Party officials.

Travesty of Justice

One of the most notorious cases of alleged failure by local courts is that of Chelsey Wright. Ms. Wright is a young mother who claims she was drugged, held captive and raped by several men.

Upon escaping, multiple witnesses report seeing her flee “almost naked” from the scene. The hospital confirmed that she had been raped by “at least six men” and there were traces of Rohypnol (the “date-rape” drug) in her system. The police arrested six men, all of whom were migrants from Syria, Iraq, and Bahrain.

Despite witness reports, her own testimony, and reports from the hospital, the men were later released without charge. The harrowing events allegedly took place in 2016 and to date they remain unreported by the British mainstream media.

A Matter of Trust

The British public has lost faith in their once-cherished media. When citizen journalists like Tommy Robinson are arrested and imprisoned for reporting on Muslim grooming gangs, when the media refuse to report on these cases, the public is enraged. There are marches, protests, and rallies happening all over the U.K. on a weekly basis to cry out against the injustice and complicit silence of media and government… yet they are not reported.

For the disgraced British press, it seems more important to cover a march over 3,000 miles away that reflects poorly on an American president, rather than the pain and outrage being expressed on their own doorstep.

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