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Eric Adams, the Biden Administration, and a Trans Plan Gone Awry

Being woke is painful.

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams finds himself on the wrong end of the law, pro-Palestinian protesters are stalking Joe “The Big Guy” Biden and his sinking sidekick, and the Miss Universe pageant is taking a financial flogging for its stand on transgender contestants. And through it all, heartlanders are finding something to smile about over a Lone Star Tall Boy.

When One Bites the Hand of Biden

Mayor Eric Adams has irritated the wrong people: the Democratic Party. Having been a good party faithful, following the open borders message to a tee, no one expected the guy to start demanding the current administration cease and desist, allowing unchecked illegal immigrants into the USA. Keep in mind the mayor’s message in 2021 was crystal clear: “We should protect our immigrants. Period. Yes, New York City will remain a sanctuary city under an Adams administration.” Well, that was then.

Now his message is a demand for Biden to stop the invasion of his precious city, claiming they will “destroy New York City … The city we knew, we’re about to lose.” How unsanctuary of him to say “No bienvenido aquí!”

After publicly blaming the Biden bunch for the unchecked folks in his town, Adams found himself at the center of an FBI investigation into campaign violations. Heartlanders connected the dots: “Is this a way of censoring him [Adams] because he said NYC could not handle any more Illegal Invaders,” was the question from San Angelo, TX, that Denny Calhoun asked. That was the common thread from Indiana, to Colorado, to Alabama.

Or maybe it was just bad timing. Either way, the feds tossed the house of a campaign financial VIP they believe may have illegally used straw donors to funnel Turkish money into Adams’ 2021 mayoral campaign. Now they grabbed the mayor’s phones – all of them.

Jack Cagle in Alabama took it a step further: “Another Communist Democrat caught in #VOTERFRAUD, imagine that!”

“Anyone who doesn’t back the worthless Biden administration is fair game for prosecution,” wrote Gene Woltnan in Granger, IN. “These Liberal/ Socialist democrats are eating their own.”

Heckling Heckle and Jeckle

President Biden and his VP, Kamala Harris, are the target of pro-Palestinian Americans and black folks. It seems everywhere they go, no matter the reason, the motorcades are met with an angry mob demanding Israel backs off Hamas-controlled Palestine and illegal immigrants get sent home.

Biden found himself greeted in Chicago by angry citizens who want immigration to stop. “In all my years, I haven’t seen anything like this,” said 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez. “But I’ve also never seen such a concerted effort to ignore the will of the people.”

And that does cause a tremor felt by big Dem donors. But it was a double whammy: Pro-Palestine rabble-rousers turned up to wave at the president on the way to a fundraiser. One demonstrator in Chicago, Eddy Savage, shared his thoughts: “Nobody with a right mind should stand aside and do nothing. We’re disappointed in Joe Biden. He’s spoken out before for Palestine.”

And then there’s our giggling gal, Kamala. She found the same reception on a fundraising trip to Boston. The organizer of the protest spoke to the local news: “She’s not hearing us – she’s not in Washington doing the work that we want her to do, which is end all US aid to Israel,” said Ximena Hasbach. “Instead, she’s here meeting these wealthy donors and ignoring our calls for a ceasefire.”

Heartlanders don’t much like the pro-Palestine stance, but they encourage free speech. “Freedom of speech at its finest. I’m not for the Palestinian cause,” stated Amanda Jones of St Louis. “But I do love to watch the Biden administration get kicked to the curb by their own party.”

The Problem with Trans Beauty Pageants

Who would have ever thought in 2023, the Miss Universe pageant would be so woke it has gone broke? JKN Global Group, the company that owns the pageant, has filed for bankruptcy. In a statement released earlier this week, the group wrote it has a “strategic corporate financial management plan to cope with the current financial situation.” The company confirmed, “Miss Universe 2023 will be held in El Salvador on 18 November 2023.”

Last summer, the organization announced it would allow trans-women to compete – as long a sex reassignment surgery had been completed.

GettyImages-1771535716-min - universe

(Photo by APHOTOGRAFIA/Getty Images)

The “Founder and CEO of JKN GLOBAL GROUP PUBLIC LIMITED, which owns Miss Universe Organization, Miss USA and Miss TEEN USA as well as CNBC THAILAND,” reads the page on X for Anne Jakrajutatip. Jakrajutatip is reportedly the third richest trans person in the world. But not for long, it would seem.

It appears she Bud Lighted herself. Texas was thrilled, and Greg Egnew couldn’t resist: “Finally. A beauty pageant for the mentally ill. Wonderful.”

But Sheri Rodgers DeKleine in Norcross, GA, hit the funny bone, saying it might’ve been a “Miss’d opportunity.”

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