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Democrats Force Mass Exodus to Red States

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Narrated News, Taxes

Look out, Texas, middle-class Americans are eyeing your little slice of Paradise and packing trunks, suitcases, and moving boxes laden with family possessions and exiting New York, Chicago, and L.A. by the truckload.  And it’s not about the weather.

In the age of over taxation and regulation in our largest cities, coupled with rampant crime with soft consequences, it appears that those powerful political blocks are losing their oomph.

Democrats Ruin Everything

Democrat controlled states and cities are not efficient stewards of taxpayer dollars and their mismanagement is now a full-blown crisis for these top blue states; California, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  Well, at least, this is the information we gathered from our pals at the Internal Revenue Service.  And they do know taxes.

What they report is that the mass exodus out of corrupt blue states translates to the influx, along with billions of dollars, into well run red states such as Florida, South Carolina, Texas, and Arizona.  Facts that liberal policy wonks would have one believe is due to retirement or better weather.

Florida has no income tax; why punish people for working?  Coupled with a friendlier climate for businesses, the numbers speak for themselves:

“While nobody denies that people retire to Florida, the IRS is able to break down new residents by age groups. During the 2015–16 reporting period, nearly 70,000 tax filers between the ages of 26 and 35 moved into the state. That age group accounted for the biggest influx of new Florida residents, over ten thousand more than the 55-and-over category.”

You won’t see those numbers on CNN any time soon.

And you won’t hear from mainstream leftist media types that New York has lost a net $8.8 billion in revenue to red states.  Ouch, socialist paradise is painful.  Now what?  Increase the tax burden on those left standing or overhaul the current government’s ridiculous fiscal policies?  The latter would mean admitting defeat, and we have all witnessed how agreeably Democrats handle a public loss.

The Movers and Shakers

If the IRS isn’t on the top off the list for credible research and reporting, each year, Chief Executive magazine, with an exclusive subscription list, surveys top CEOs across all industry spectrums.  These business titans rank each state on good or bad for business.  Their findings will probably not surprise conservatives:

Texas was ranked No. 1 for the 13th straight year in 2017 by the hundreds of CEOs surveyed by Chief Executive. Florida was No. 2 for the fifth year in a row. Five of the remaining eight top-10 states were the same as in 2011, albeit shuffled a bit. On the other end of the spectrum, California anchored the bottom of the list at No. 50 for the sixth consecutive year, New York wallowed at No. 49 and Illinois listed at No. 48.”

Yes, Virginia, these are the folks who create jobs.  They get it.

In the past decade, 3.5 million Americans have left high tax states and relocated to low tax states.  One would assume that elected leaders of the bleeding blue states would slap on at least a Band-Aid, or a tourniquet, and readjust their tax policy.  Pork-full jobs may be lost, but, trimming government to alleviate a massive, inhumane, tax burden may just be the ticket to retaining the tax rolls.  Less tax collection is better than no tax collection if you get my simplified drift.

Yet the elite continue to run their liberal enclaves into the ground and then ratchet up the duty imposed on mere working class folks.  Only the über wealthy will be able to maintain a certain, accustomed, lifestyle in New York and California, as everyone else is heading for the hills.  I wonder how many years will pass before Mrs. Clinton and Meryl Streep are relegated to mixing their own cocktails and making tacos without the help of staff; former staff who will likely be living large in Texas.

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