This is the second part of Liberty Nation’s Exclusive interview with Larry Klayman. The founder of both Judicial Watch and government watchdog group Freedom Watch, Larry has been hailed as “the Clinton Nemesis” for his activism in bringing corrupt politicians into the harsh light of justice.

In part two of this series, Liberty Nation Contributor Lorraine Silvetz speaks with Larry Klayman about government overreach and the defense of liberty. You can read the first part here.


LN: Even as Judge Navarro declared a mistrial, keen observers of the Cliven Bundy case knew that this outcome was inevitable.  Judge Navarro dismissed with prejudice because even a cursory analysis of the case by third-party review would have revealed gross malfeasance by the government in not turning over exculpatory evidence to the defense. 

Stories of the Bundy’s being violent and threatening would be put to rest, showing the Bundy’s were unarmed. 

Mr. Klayman: There were supporters that came when they saw how the Bundys were being beaten up and threatened and harmed, but they came using their Second Amendment rights. That was legit. They didn’t point guns at the feds. The feds pointed guns at them.

Not only that, but the former US Attorney, Daniel Bogden, the acting US Attorney, who has now since been removed, Steven Myhre, who was the lead prosecutor on this case, the number two, Assisting US Attorney, Dan Schiess, and the other women, Ahmed, they were all out there at the ranch before anything started. This was an entrapment.

They were trying to create a situation to indict the Bundys. This was perhaps the biggest example of the Justice Department, BLM (Bureau of Land Management), and federal government corruption in modern American history… maybe in all of American history. The Bundys became the “whipping boys,” and they became a symbol that you should never question what the federal government does or we will crush you, we will destroy you, and we will even kill you if you don’t follow what we say.

LN: As Cliven Bundy was released, upon leaving the courthouse he was unbowed and made it clear that the war was not yet won:

“Look, this is not over. The fight still is ongoing legally and we do not recognize the authority of the federal government to come on to this land and we will legally fight for that.”

LN: It is this passion that has pushed Larry Klayman forward. He also does not see the fight as being over and outlines the next steps for ensuring states’ rights are fully protected.

Mr. Klayman: I’m going to see the Judiciary Committees on the House and the Senate. I want to make sure that it’s undone; I want to make sure there’s oversight. I’m seeking to meet with Sessions now that he’s finally doing his job. He’s got to clean up this corruption at the Justice Department and the Bundys are a prime example.

He (AG Jeff Sessions) sat on his hands for a year. He finally decided he was going to do a review. He should have done it even before Judge Navarro ruled on the case. I actually left him a message Sunday night saying:

“Jeff, you sent your prosecutor back into court, Myhre. He shouldn’t even be on the case anymore. He’s a witness to all the misconduct and you should have asked for a continuance until you evaluated the case, you know, before the judge rules.”

He’s got to do his job now and there’s got to be an OPR investigation, there’s got to be an IG investigation. These prosecutors need to be removed from the Department of Justice. They need to frankly lose their law licenses.

If you don’t hold them accountable, it’s going to happen again.


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