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Clinton Struggles, Biden Poll Numbers Tank, and NYC Gets Desperate

What has the president gotten us into?

by | Oct 29, 2023 | Articles, Columns, Opinion, Politics

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A former Democratic Party presidential nominee had a tough week, another left-leaning talking head is mysteriously ranting about the “deep state,” and migrants are “leaving, on a jet plane,” with a one-way ticket to anywhere. Just another week held hostage by the Biden administration.

Sanctuary City Slams the Door

It seemed like a good idea at the time to attract the leftist crowd: Pander to open borders and illegal immigrants to appear compassionate. That was before the states of Texas and Florida acted as a passthrough toward the final destinations of the Swamp, Chicago, and New York City. Those three blue municipalities are panicking now that they’re overrun with more homelessness and crime – and as the city coffers go right down the illegal drain. The Big Apple, currently trying to figure out how to handle roughly 65,000 migrants sent up from the southern states, has tried reasoning with Joe Biden, threatening Joe Biden, and going around the administration to beg for help from South and Central America.

But then they came up with this genius idea: Gather the migrants and send them somewhere else. It worked for Governors Gregg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida. Earl McCreary from Centerville, OH, was clearly befuddled: “Wait, I thought the looney left said this was illegal. Call the FBI and report him for trafficking. That is what you all claimed against TX and FL.”

Quint Pimental of Pocatello reminded the mayor of NYC, Eric Adams, “All is welcome here? You said it.  Liberals and Democrats are pathetic hypocrites!”

“With no sign of a decompression strategy in the near future, we have established a reticketing center for migrants,” Kayla Mamelak, a New York City Hall spokesperson, stated. “Here, the city will redouble efforts to purchase tickets for migrants to help them take the next steps in their journeys, and it helps us triage operations at The Roosevelt for new arrivals.” It was a politically correct way to say, “Get out!”

Another Midwesterner wanted to be added to the reticketing list. Jay Herrmann queried: “I’m just curious: do you have to be an illegal to get a free plane ticket, or can anyone apply?”

How Many ‘Deep States’ Are There in the US?

When a liberal-minded talkie begins to awaken, it’s much akin to a baby bird pecking away at the protective shell: A true miracle to behold. HBO’s Bill Maher is slowly drying his feathers and venturing into what the left calls conspiracy theories. In a bold move on his Real Time show, Maher made this newsworthy statement:

“But there is a deep state, which is the bureaucratic class that justifies its existence by making up new rules… it’s the vast network of regulators, administrators, inspectors, contract reviewers, project managers, fee [assessors], special commissioners, zoning officers, and consultants whose jobs seem to be to make sure nothing ever happens and then charge you for it. The people who answer the phone, permit office, how may I hinder you? 24 million people, with one shared vision: to fine you if your mailbox is too big. They say a conservative is a liberal who just got mugged.”

Oh, it was a rant filled with colorful and somewhat salty language. Still, it made perfect sense when he reminded us: “America has become Gulliver, the giant that got tied down with a thousand tiny ropes by Lilliputians, the horde of little people who do big damage.”

Michael Pilasciano pointed out the obvious in blue Boulder, CO: “When this lefty is talking about this, you know you were right all along, and it’s getting to the point where hard-core libs can’t even deny it any longer.” But Michael Oxbig in Big Sky Country had more information for Maher, “…And water is wet.”

Stumping for Biden Is Exhausting

Hillary Clinton isn’t having the best of luck as she goes around the nation on her quest to get Biden another four years. As the president’s poll numbers plummeted further, one cannot tell if Mrs. Clinton is helping or hindering. She’s very unlikeable, it seems. During an event in Texas to drum up support for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), a self-described independent journalist, yelled: “Hey, Hillary. Why has your husband been to Epstein Island 26 times?” He was expelled by force nearly immediately.


(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

But that was not the only insurrection to report. Nope, during a Columbia University’s Institute of Global Politics on Monday, Hillary lost her temper and engaged in a shouting match with a student. The student asked her to denounce the “warmongering” Joe Biden and said the US was rushing headlong into WWIII. She pointed at the protester, raised a smidgeon from her chair, and yelled, “You’re done!”

In Choctaw, OK, Kathy Gers Willis thanked Americans who see through the fog of the leftists and commented, “Thank you, young AMERICAN! Now we need to pray that he isn’t Clintoned!” Yikes.

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