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BREAKING: Is US Blocking Flights with Americans from Kabul?

Reports suggest that the government is presently denying access to American airports.

It is being reported that a plane that left Kabul carrying a number of Americans, green card holders, and Afghan migrants with SIV status is being denied entry to the United States. At present the plane is grounded in Abu Dhabi and has been awaiting clearance for more than 14 hours.

Speaking with Fox News this morning, Florida Representative Kat Cammack (R) said that the plane had taken off and was then rejected, being forced to return to Abu Dhabi. She also said that the passengers are “in a pickle” as Abu Dhabi authorities have told them they can’t stay.

According to the flight organizer, Bryan Stern of Project Dynamo, the Customs and Border Protection agency “will not allow a charter on an international flight into a U.S. port of entry.” Project Dynamo is one of the veteran-led groups that have been arranging rescue for Americans and others trapped in Afghanistan after the August 31 withdrawal of troops.

Stern says that the plane has over 100 passengers, including 28 American citizens and more than 80 green card holders. He claims that he was first granted clearance to land at JFK airport in New York, which was then changed to Dulles airport near Washington D.C. Now, however, he says he is in the dark about where will grant him permission. “I have a big, beautiful, giant, humongous Boeing 787 that I can see parked in front of us. I have crew. I have food,” he said.

While delays can be common when passenger manifests are unconfirmed, according to Stern, the plane contains only those who already have a right to be in the United States or a visa to be there.

Liberty Nation will keep you updated on this developing story…

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