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As Election Day Looms, Flyover Folks Keep the Trump Train Rollin’

Heartlanders know their votes count – and they don’t take it for granted.

Editor’s Note: While the media and other leftist elites ignore the millions of folks living in “flyover” states, they do so at their own peril; it was this silent majority that put President Trump in the White House. Each week, Liberty Nation gives voice to the hard-working heartlanders who are silent no more.

Five days. Five long – or short, depending on your perspective and whether you’ve already voted – days until this madness stage in the nation is replaced by new lunacy in a post-election world. Who has what it takes as we power through the final stretch? Heartlanders have strong opinions and optimism not seen in the ranks of urban dwellers and city slickers. Instead of clinging to politically liberal pundits’ opinions of polling numbers, flyover folks are going by what they can see, touch, and feel. And they seem much happier than those propping up team Biden.

The Campaign Style

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate – whose name is in the same size letters on propaganda – are still slowly, calmly, and nearly privately holding speaking engagements in swing states and traditionally red states. The campaign’s outdoor events resemble a human-powered board game. Folks are assigned a circle and must not move one iota as speakers stay far away on a stage equipped with giant teleprompters.

Retired Scottsdale cop Tim Edwards posted on Facebook a comparison: “Kamala is speaking in Arizona’s second-largest city to a handful of people. Trump is in Bullhead City, the middle of nowhere, and there are thousands. Who is winning Arizona?”

Of course, the Harris event was invitation only. Who needs voters, right?

And then there is President Trump, who is stomping his way through every available town, farm field, rural runway, and airport hangar he can find, packing in crowds wearing MAGA masks in a rock star fashion. Trump’s folks are holding road rallies of supporters miles long. And when I say miles-long, I mean 98 miles long, in one case. Folks joined up in small towns across Indiana. Law enforcement offered to escort the human train, and the vibe was downright happy.

Grant Allan, who just turned 23, is a Trump voter from Veedersburg, IN. He participated in this past week’s road rally. He knows why he is voting for incumbent Trump:

“After seeing everything that has happened this year with COVID-19 – the riots and protesting and unrest in this country. The American people are fed up with it there, fed up with Washington not doing anything to help the American people. With that, Donald J Trump will win by a landslide. He is what Americans want and what America needs to stop COVID to stop the riots and to bring Americans together.”

Chad Kerst – another Indiana Trump voter – had a lot to say about how diverse Trump’s base has become in four years. From the Amish behind the president as he spoke to a Pennsylvania audience to a front row of nuns waving signs, it’s clear that fat, white, good old boys aren’t the only people behind this president. From Kerst’s point of view, the stakes are high this year:

“Election 2020 could possibly change our American Constitutional Republic. There are two very distinctive paths we can follow at this point. One expands our government’s reach, and the other will empower the American people.”

Maybe nuns and Amish are the tickets for the ticket.

Smoke and Mirrors

Is it all an illusion? The inflated polls, the blustery claims from both major candidates, and the scandals are becoming nearly unmanageable. As such, take a page from the playlist of The Temptations, who warned long ago, “Believe half of what you see, son, and none of what you hear.” And that might be the best message to sum up our 2020 election.


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