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Another Progressive City Jettisons Its Soros DA

Woke Portlanders can’t take another four years of record crime rates in the name of social justice.

Are urban progressives starting to understand that the agenda pushed by George Soros has nothing to do with social justice? The tide appears be turning against the notorious globalist billionaire “philanthropist.” Another major blue US city has cast out a Soros prosecutor after enduring the calamitous real-life effects of his soft-on-crime policies.

Voters in Multnomah County, Oregon, which includes Portland, on May 21 ousted incumbent District Attorney Mike Schmidt, who has received heavy financial backing from Soros specifically due to his dedication to leftist “criminal justice reform.” Schmidt lost the Democrat primary to challenger Nathan Vasquez, who ran on an anti-crime theme and vowed to address the raging drug problem on the streets of Portland.

‘Crises at Every Level of Our Public Safety System’

Democrat-controlled cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Austin, TX, to name just a few, have reaped the destructive consequences of having similar Soros DAs. Crime quickly spiraled out of control, which is no surprise when the official prosecutorial office adamantly refuses to hold offenders responsible for their actions as an ideological point of principle.

Under Schmidt’s watch, Portland racked up record homicide rates in 2021 and 2022, far outpacing the murder count in crime-plagued West Coast cities such as San Francisco, San Diego, and Seattle.

“People feel unsafe right now and that’s very hard to address. We have crises at every level of our public safety system,” Portland Police Association President Aaron Schmautz said in December 2022, KOIN-TV reported. “All of these things have to get fixed,” he continued. “The one common factor is all violent crime surrounds disorder … We still see a lot of gang violence, we still a lot of violence in our homeless community, a lot of violence around narcotics and prevalence of them in our community.”

A year and a half later, residents in the ultra-progressive burg still feel that way. In March, The Portland Tribune asked locals how they felt about the Schmidt-Vasquez race. Here are some of the replies:

  • “There’s a high crime rate in Portland.”
  • “Schmidt has let criminals out way too early.”
  • “Portland crime will continue to rise if Schmidt does not leave.”
  • “Schmidt’s criminal justice policies have been a disaster.”

Ultimately, this is an indictment of one meddling man.

How Outsider Soros Gets Inside

The utter cynicism of the Soros prosecutorial shopping spree can be seen in the local organizations he relies on to funnel his money. Schmidt was the official candidate of the Oregon Working Families (OWF) Party. The name does not come close to accurately describing what this outfit is actually about.

Touted as a “minor political party” that promotes issues that support the American worker, OWF states that “[w]e must eliminate the ability of wealthy donors and corporations to buy politicians and protect the integrity of our voting system from all threats, foreign and domestic.”

Get ready for the laugh line, although there is nothing funny about it.

“The check is not only one of the largest written in Oregon politics this year, it’s also one of the most mysterious,” Portland alternative newspaper Willamette Week reported April 24, less than one month before the May 21 primary election.

  • Amount: $340,000.
  • Donor: Working Families Party National PAC, Brooklyn, NY.
  • Recipient: Oregon Working Families Party.

How did that happen?

“The Working Families Party’s national PAC has in the recent past received hefty contributions from PACs funded by two billionaires who support criminal justice reform, i.e., Schmidt’s platform: George Soros’ Democracy PAC and Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Accountable Justice Action Fund,” the paper wrote. OWF admitted the money would be used in the primary election but would not say how.

Even as they cling to their PC social beliefs, city-dwelling progressives are beginning to understand that a spirit of total lawlessness does not make for good communities.

“It has to be a both-and conversation,” Portland-based Democratic analyst Jake Weigler told The Hill after Schmid’s decisive loss. “[T]hat you can talk about racism and systemic inequalities within the justice system, but if the public doesn’t have confidence that they are still able to enforce the law and create accountability, that their patience for trying to innovate and reform the system is going to decline quickly.”

Well, that’s a small sliver of recognition, isn’t it?

Imagine if these trendy urbanites could take the next step and realize that a well-financed plan has been put in place to sow chaos in America, and they are among its victims. Destroying cities and towns does not serve the interests of the people who live in them, no matter their political persuasions. It does, however, fulfill the ambitions of messianic elites who want to tear down what now exists and create a new society.

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