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Another Governor Brown Butts Heads with Trump

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Another Governor Brown trying to do whatever they can to thwart President Donald Trump on immigration control. This time, however, it’s not California’s governor Jerry Brown causing the ruckus, but Kate Brown, the Democrat from Oregon.

On Wednesday, Trump announced his intent to send troops to the Mexico border to help stop the influx of drugs and crime. Kate Brown, taking a page out of Jerry’s resistance book, tweeted out that she had no intention of aiding the president if he called on her state to contribute:

Of course, Oregon doesn’t suffer from as much illegal immigration and related crime as the southern states bordering Mexico. Ironically, however,  Jerry Brown just might be in support of sending troops as Fox News reported:

“This request – as with others we’ve received from the Department of Homeland Security, including those for additional staffing in 2006 and 2010 – will be promptly reviewed to determine how best we can assist our federal partners,” California National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Tom Keegan said in a statement issued on behalf of Brown’s office. “We look forward to more detail, including funding, duration and end state.”

So far, Kate is the only governor to come forward and openly refuse to send troops if called upon to do so. Governors of other states, especially those bordering Mexico, are in full support of Trump.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey tweeted: “Arizona welcomes the deployment of National Guard to the border. Washington has ignored this issue for too long and help is needed. For Arizona, it’s all about public safety.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was even more enthused. He sent a press release in praise of the president’s decision to deploy troops to the border:

“My top priority as Governor is ensuring the safety and security of Texans, and securing our southern border has always been essential to that mission. In my time as Governor, Texas has maintained a continuous presence of National Guard members along the border, and we’ve added hundreds of permanent Department of Public Safety troopers to the region. Today’s action by the Trump Administration reinforces Texas’ longstanding commitment to secure our southern border and uphold the Rule of Law, and I welcome the support. Going forward, Texas will continue to implement robust border security efforts, and this partnership will help ensure we are doing everything we can to stem the flow of illegal immigration.”

Gov. Kate Brown

Gov. Kate Brown admitted the Trump administration had not yet asked for Oregon to provide troops for the border, but apparently, she is gearing up to deny offering assistance and is making sure everyone is aware of her decision.

Perhaps if her state sat on the border, she’d have a different opinion, and might even welcome and encourage help to secure the area. It’s easy to reject a problem as being inconsequential when you’re far removed from it, but when it’s up close personal and in your face, it’s another thing entirely.

If Jerry, who has been vehemently against the Trump administration and who signed into law SB 54 making California a sanctuary state is considering sending troops, then maybe Kate should take a step back and reconsider.

The border doesn’t just protect the states surrounding it. Illegal immigrants are not going to migrate to and only stay in California, Texas and Arizona. This is a country-wide problem, and all states should be ready to help protect their brothers and sisters, which in turn helps to protect their own neck of the woods.

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