In the slow but sure drip of information emanating out of the House Intelligence Committee, there is reason to believe that an informant for the FBI was working inside the Trump Campaign. Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal dropped this bombshell in her op-ed yesterday:

“I believe I know the name of the informant, but my intelligence sources did not provide it to me and refuse to confirm it. It would therefore be irresponsible to publish it. But what is clear is that we’ve barely scratched the surface of the FBI’s 2016 behavior, and the country will never get the straight story until President Trump moves to declassify everything possible. It’s time to rip off the Band-Aid.”

The Scoop

Things began to unravel on Thursday when the Intel Committee got a peek at classified documents. What they saw, according to Strassel, was information, “about a top-secret intelligence source that was part of the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign.” According to House Speaker Paul Ryan, this bit of intelligence should have been turned over to the committee a long time ago. But it wasn’t. Wonder why?

Could, pray tell, the information appear to be damaging to America’s top law enforcement agency? It would not be an exaggeration to start thinking that this whole thing could make Watergate look like chump change.

Strassel, who has excellent sources within the Swamp, refers to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes who wants to know the name of the “top secret intelligence source of the FBI and CIA, who is a U.S. citizen and who was involved in the Russia collusion probe.” Thus, she posits a key point: “Ergo, we might take this to mean that the FBI secretly had a person on the payroll who used his or her non-FBI credentials to interact in some capacity with the Trump campaign.”

Uh oh. This sounds a lot like the Trump Campaign was being tricked out with spooks or at least one spook from our nation’s law enforcement and intelligence communities.

As the president would say, “What the hell?” 

Cause for Concern

Viewed in toto, there is a lot to be concerned about when the FBI and/or the CIA are infiltrating the campaign of a candidate running for the office of the president of the United States. So far, we have wiretapping questions,  a dirty Dossier used as motivation for granting a warrant, and now a spook that was perhaps running amok inside a presidential campaign. What was he seeking and to whom was he reporting?

All this is turning out to be a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces don’t quite fit together, but one assumes that when they do, it will not be a pretty picture.


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