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American Women Anxious Over Rising Immigrant Violence

The consequences of an open border are getting uglier by the day.

Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Like the recoil on a discharged firearm, the explosion of gunpowder pushes the round forward as the weapon snaps back. Similarly, when Joe Biden’s administration removed the restrictions placed at the US border by President Donald Trump, the consequences manifested immediately. Sadly, the segment of the population bearing the brunt of the radical policy change is innocent women and girls – some as young as 12 – due to immigrant violence.

Immigrant Violence Against Women Is Growing

In February, the life of young Laken Riley was snuffed out allegedly by a Haitian migrant. Those crossing into the US homeland illegally are supposed to undergo background checks, but when the border is overwhelmed by a mass of humanity, vetting people becomes nearly impossible.

This is how and why Riley met her untimely demise. Sadly, the memory of the young Georgia nursing student’s rape and murder is beginning to fade amid several other horrific crimes that have taken the lives of innocent American women and girls.

Last week, on June 19, two Venezuelan immigrants were charged with the murder of a Houston girl who was only 12 years old. The body of Jocelyn Nungaray was found in a creek. The Houston coroner ruled that the child had been strangled to death.

A suspect was finally apprehended in the August 2023 case of a Maryland woman who was found dead on a hiking trail after being brutally raped and murdered. Police say Rachel Morin was out for a walk when she was allegedly accosted by 23-year-old Victor Martinex-Hernandez, who illegally crossed the border three times and finally landed in the United States in February. Morin, the mother of five, was out for a walk on a suburban trail when she was violently assaulted. A family member said, “Her head had been smashed in with a rock.”

Yet another young lady – only 13 years old – was raped in Queens, NY, on June 18. Police have arrested an illegal alien who crossed the border at Eagle Pass, TX. Two children – a boy and a girl – were forced into the woods by a machete-wielding man who tied the children up with a shoelace and then sexually assaulted the girl.

What do these shocking crimes have in common? The victims are all female, and the assailants who have been arrested and held in connection with these violent actions are all immigrants who illegally crossed the southern border.

It should be noted that these were not inner-city crimes. They occurred in public parks and, in Morin’s case, a densely populated suburb of Maryland. American women and girls are easy prey for such malevolent individuals who come to the United States with nothing to lose.

The Politics of Violence Against Women

Feminists on the left have been mostly silent on this war against innocent women and girls; however, many on the right are expressing outrage on the social media platform X. TwittaChicca wrote: “Migrant criminals are waging a war against American girls and women — this is BIDEN’S BLOODBATH. Where are the feminists? Remember the feminist campaign to ‘take back the night?’ What about taking back American streets? Women and young girls have been victimized by migrant rapists and murderers and the corrupt media remains silent.”

Patriotic American, Not Sorry posted: “As a father of two daughters, I do not know how you people sleep at night knowing the danger American females are in right now. The media, Democrats, the whole left are sociopaths no different than these two pathetic creatures.”

Lori Love chimed in: “I hate that it’s almost every day now that we have to hear about another young woman being raped & murdered by yet another illegal that should have never been released into this country in the first place.” On June 21, Becky Noble, a writer for the website Red State, wrote on her X account: “If [American feminists] are not going to speak out about the basic safety of women, maybe it is time for a new breed of feminists who will.”

It is no surprise that American women are becoming more apprehensive about their safety and that of their daughters —and with good reason. Allowing the unfettered flow of immigrants into the country is slowly eroding the freedom of movement women enjoy. Constantly looking over one’s shoulder is no way to begin a daily run on a familiar hiking trail. This immigrant violence has escalated into an untenable situation, and women are right to be angry and anxious over this assault on their ability to move about their daily lives freely.

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