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A Bolshevik Revolution in the United States? This is What it Could Mean

Marxists probably want to kill you. Will they succeed?

The American Revolution was unique in that it was civilized – in comparison to many revolutions – and resulted in a system dedicated to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What would happen if America had a revolution led by the modern-day Bolsheviks, Antifa, instead?

The Reign of Terror

Thankfully, we don’t have to speculate because there are many historical examples of what happens when the radical left wins a revolution. The first one occurred a few years into the French revolution. In the beginning, the revolution was inspired by what had taken place in America a few years earlier. Forces for liberty wanted to transform France into a republic, much like the United States.

Then, the Jacobins initiated a counter-revolution for the radical left. The bloodshed, destruction, and persecution were so horrific that this Antifa-style period came to be known as The Reign of Terror.

The October Revolution

Fast-forward to 1917. In February of that year, the people of Russia revolted against the Tsar and his autocratic regime. They set up a democratic parliament and were in the process of turning Russia into a liberal democracy. In October, the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, entered the parliament with guns and initiated a counter-revolution. It was the beginning of terrible oppression that led to the murder of tens of millions of Russians by another Antifa-style regime.

The gruesome oppression is detailed in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s famous book The Gulag Archipelago.

The Killing Fields

Something similar happened almost everywhere communism spread. In Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge murdered around one-quarter of the population between 1975 and 1979. Among the things that could get you killed was wearing glasses, which implied you could read, which in turn meant you were privileged and deserved to die.

To this day, Cambodians can still find human remains from this era in what has become known as the Killing Fields.


During the weeks of race riots, looting, and statue-tumbling, Americans got a tiny taste of what living under Antifa would entail. Imagine what would happen if the organization gained control over the U.S. military. If previous communist revolutions are any guide, upward of 60 million “privileged” Americans might be murdered.

Could this happen in the U.S.? Probably not, but France was the most powerful and stable country in Europe before the revolution. No-one thought it could happen there either.

The Second Amendment

The principal obstacle for the radical left is the Second Amendment. Decent Americans are armed to the teeth for precisely the reason the Founding Fathers envisioned: Not to hunt or to protect oneself against a rapist or mugger in the back alley, but to defend against tyranny.

While the tyrant they had in mind was an autocratic king, the Second Amendment is even more apt as protection against radical leftist-anarchist mob rule. Many more Americans than ever before, including Democrats and liberals, have finally come to understand its purpose, and have bought guns in large numbers in the wake of the recent turmoil.

When Americans enjoy the Fourth of July, what they are celebrating is a system that has put in place checks, balances, and constitutional protections to prevent the United States from becoming Antifastan. That’s well worth remembering.


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