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After Over 200 Years of Peace, Sweden Prepares for War

by | Feb 1, 2018 | International

According to Aftonbladet, the Swedish government is preparing to reissue the pamphlet “If the war comes” and send it to all 4.7 million households in the country. The director of communication of the Defence Authorities Svante Werger stated that “we are anticipating the possibility of an armed attack by a foreign nation.”

The pamphlet was first issued in 1943 during WWII but was retired after the end of the Cold War. As such, its revival marks a level of fear of conflict not seen for three decades. While the Defence Authorities do not explicitly state which foreign nation they are referring to, given the recent debates in the Swedish parliament, it is widely believed to be Russia.

Yes, Russia again. It seems like they are every leftist’s favorite villain these days.

However, there may be another reason closer to home that they’re concerned about preparing the populace for war. For several decades, Sweden has had a sclerotic immigration policy under which uneducated and often illiterate people from poverty and war-stricken areas would be free to come to the nation.

They have been gathering in ghettos rejecting Swedish culture and civil values while collecting their welfare checks. These ghettos have turned into no-go zones in which ethnic Swedes cannot safely enter.

It is in these places that large groups of young men, mostly Muslims, have been accumulating military grade weapons. Yes, that’s right. They are building a paramilitary army. This has resulted in Sweden having a hand grenade problem. Only countries at war have as many hand grenade attacks per capita, and they are escalating.

Only this January 7, a hand grenade attack at a Stockholm subway station killed a man in his sixties. Then on January 16, a police station was attacked in Malmö. No-one died, but multiple vehicles were damaged.

If you don’t think that is extreme, then consider the fact that these paramilitary migrant gangs have now been observed roaming the streets with Kalashnikovs. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven made the following startling statement:

“While it’s not my first action to use the military, I’m prepared to do what it takes to ensure that the seriously organized crime goes away.”

In other words, the situation is so bad in Sweden that they do not consider the police able to handle it. In fact, Justice Minister Morgan Johansson rejected even the involvement of the military by stating that “the military is not able to solve this problem.”

For now, Löfven is hoping that fighting the economic crimes of the roaming gangs will result in reduced violence on the street by starving their financial capabilities.

That seems woefully inadequate and reflects a country in a moral crisis, unwilling to take the necessary steps to rectify the disasters their failed immigration policies have inflicted on their once peaceful nation. Sweden has not been in a war for more than two hundred years, and from the outside, it looks like they have simply forgotten how to defend themselves.

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