In a continuing effort to commit cultural suicide and provide justification for an omnipresent surveillance state, the European Union has resorted to a lawsuit and potential sanctions in its attempt to force its member states to accept thousands of mostly Muslim immigrants.  Three former Soviet Bloc nations are holding the line to save their citizens from the corresponding terror attacks, increased crime, and cultural destruction.

In 2015, in response to the ongoing immigrant crisis, the EU forced through a hotly disputed plan which would relocate one hundred sixty thousand migrants from Italy and Greece to other member states.  Its goal was to transfer these migrants by September 2017.

Since then, Islamic fundamentalist terror attacks have increased in Europe, up to one attack every nine days on average this year, and so the resistance to this tyrannical plan from Brussels has increased as well.  EU members have been slow to comply; as of June 13, 2017, EU nations have only resettled approximately twenty-one thousand immigrants, and some nations have intelligently refused to cooperate.

Poland, where more than ninety-six percent of the population is Catholic, initially signed on to the plan despite a lack of popularity.  Shortly after that, voters sacked the government who agreed to the scheme, and Poland’s new government has been adamant in its refusal to admit more immigrants since the 2015 Paris terror attacks.

Hungary, who has also drawn the line, has been at the front of resistance.  They’ve built a border fence, implemented volunteer border patrol program to find those who make it over and have, along with Slovakia, sued the EU proactively over the migrant mandate.

The Czech Republic withdrew from the agreement after accepting only twelve of the thousands of migrants the EU was attempting to force upon it. Reuters reports that Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka has said, “The Czech Republic does not agree with the system of relocation,” and “With regard to the worsened security situation in Europe and dysfunctionality of the quota system, it will not participate in it.”

Ever the progressive potentates, the EU has launched “infringement procedures,” claiming that Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are failing to meet their obligations.  If the European Court of Justice decides against the refusing nations, it can impose financial penalties.  Of course, Germany and Sweden, the social justice warriors of the EU who have taken in the most immigrants by far, are completely ignoring the increased crime and terror in their societies, and are backing the EU’s pressure play.

The dynamics of this situation mirror those in the U.S. immigration debate.  Like the U.S., the EU has progressives who are attempting to use the force of law to ram their liberal notions of universal equality and solidarity down the throats of conservatives, who just want to be left alone.  Of course, the progressives completely ignore the fact that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with Western culture, and the average citizens of Paris, London, Manchester, Stockholm, Berlin, Brussels, and Nice are all paying the price for that ignorance, while their leaders pontificate from ivory towers, claiming that progress demands sacrifice.  That’s easy to say until an Islamic extremist tears your child to bits with a truck tire, knife, or bomb, or you are afraid to walk the streets.  But the progressive elites of Europe, like the U.S., rarely pay the price for their lunacy.  That’s left to the commoners.

At the heart of the matter lies the God-given rights to self-determination and freedom of association.  People have a collective right to determine what sort of society they want to live in, and who gets to join them.  If a government is to be legitimate, it must make protecting the lives, liberties, and property of its citizens of paramount importance.  By putting the needs of Muslim immigrants over the security and cultural needs of its citizens, the EU has failed these duties miserably.  Prague, Warsaw, and Budapest, however, are stepping up to theirs.

Doug Davis

Doug Davis

Technology Correspondent at Liberty Nation
Doug lives on the West Coast and writes on law and liberty.
Doug Davis