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Will Greta Thunberg Be Another Do-Nothing Nobel Laureate?

Greta Thunberg, Barack Obama, Al Gore – what do they have in common?

There is a recipe to winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and we have obtained the ingredients: a cup of leftism, a tablespoon of globalism, a pinch of some cause du jour, and an Emeril Lagasse bam of hysteria or inauthentic hope. If you assess the list of prize recipients, you start noticing that the characteristics of these individuals and organizations typically lean left or seemingly adhere to the commandments of the Georgia Guidestones. What’s worse is that modern-day winners just talk and dictate rather than leading the crusade and living by their own standards, eh Al Gore?

How Dare You!


Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg, the personification of teenage angst but for global warming, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It turns out that being hysterical and angry at the world is no longer reserved for Tumblr blog posts – it is the path to winning the once-coveted award. If the elite had access to MySpace pages 15 years ago or diaries of middle school students, there would be a whole generation of emo Nobel laureates.

The Hill is reporting that Thunberg is the odds-on favorite to claim flawless victory, citing Betfair, a global online betting platform, and various European bookkeepers. This is making the mainstream media and globalists ebullient, the very same parties spotlighting Thunberg to justify expanding the state and imprisoning the population. Don’t you know? You destroyed her childhood!

Dan Smith, director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, told The Daily Mail that what the perturbed teen has done over the last 12 months “is extraordinary.”

So, should she win, what does the actress, er, activist stand to gain?

Well, Thunberg would be in line for a medal manufactured from recycled gold, which is the committee’s virtue-signaling since this type of gold does very little to reduce primary mining and help the environment. She would also be the youngest recipient at 16, beating a real worthy person – Malala Yousafzai – by a year. But the big windfall will be in the form of a $1.1 million cash prize, or, since she hails from Sweden, it would be 8 million krona. Because the country is mostly a cashless society, her winnings would be carbon-free!

Of course, the teen will be canonized for eternity, monuments will be erected to honor her scowl, and generations of newborns – boy, girl, and non-binary cis-gendered transspecies! – will be named Greta.

Hopefully, common sense reigns supreme. Henrik Urdal, the research director at the Peace Research Institute Oslo, was a bit more realistic, telling the British newspaper that Thunberg has not done enough to receive the distinguished honor. Indeed, dramatic acting from a script is not really changing the world. Unfortunately, as evidenced by Obama and Gore, this is the way to win it these days.

Style Over Substance

Barack Obama

The purpose of the Nobel Peace Prize is to honor those “who best benefit mankind through their actions.” Who and what do you think has accomplished this over the last century?

Throughout the history of the Nobel Peace Prize, the chosen one (or thing) had been separated into the doers and talkers. For every Jean Henri Dunant (Red Cross founder), Mother Teresa (helped the poor), Desmond Tutu (fought apartheid), and Denis Mukwege (treated rape victims in the Congo), there is an Al Gore, Woodrow Wilson, or Barack Obama.

These three men talked a good game but did very little to back up their words. Former President Woodrow Wilson brought the US into the First World War and started a globalist body in the League of Nations. Former Vice President Al Gore is a climate hypocrite who has profited from the craziness. Former President Obama bombed nations and destabilized regions.

When it comes to organizations, it is befuddling why the European Union or the United Nations and its subgroups would even enter the conversation. These bodies have achieved only corruption and statism instead of peace and freedom. Have they benefited mankind through their actions? The infamous Oil-for-Food program is hardly an example of improving our world. Usurping national sovereignty, as Brussels does to EU members, falls short of bettering Europe.

Will Saint Greta continue the tradition of diminishing the standards of the Nobel Peace Prize?


It is evident that the globalist progressives do not really care about the environment as they pretend. There are many factors to explain the mendacity of these cretins, from accumulating power to controlling the population to gaining instant fame and fortune. No, drinking from paper straws and accusing adults of stealing childhood dreams do not count.

What is interesting is that there is one man in the United States who is doing, not talking. Yet, he has not been given the accolades and applause that a child has been allotted. His name is Scott Presler.

Scott Presler

A diehard supporter of President Donald Trump, Presler embarked upon a crusade to clean up America’s cities and register people to vote. It all started this past summer when he and a dozen others traveled to Baltimore and performed a trash cleanup. He and his cohorts did more to help the environment in the inner cities than anyone shouting “how dare you!” ever will.

Inspired by the gratitude city dwellers have shown and the desire to do more for the Land of the Free, Presler is going from city to city and organizing trash pickup days, in addition to educating Americans on voter registration. It is a remarkable tale of someone who is backing up his words with action.

He is a Trump supporter, so that explains the establishment’s dismissal of his work. Members of the press have accused him of having a nefarious motive for doing good in a toxic environment. It is safe to assume that Presler will not be invited to attend the UN General Assembly next year. He will not be a marquee speaker at some feel-good climate event to prognosticate doom and gloom where attendees would be better off spending alone time pondering the Buddhist riddle: What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Even if he were invited, he is too busy doing, not talking – something everyone should emulate.


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