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Weaponized Autism Leads to Arrest of Bike Lock Attacker

This week marks yet another victory for the incredible autists of /pol/, the politically correct community of 4chan.  Berkeley Police have arrested Eric Clanton, a former community college philosophy professor suspected to be the perpetrator of brutal bike lock attacks against peaceful conservative rally-goers in Berkeley, California.  As reported in Berkeleyside.com, prosecutors have charged Clanton with four felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one with a “great bodily injury” enhancement, and a misdemeanor charge of wearing a mask to evade identification.  The judge set bail at one hundred thousand dollars.

Here is how this all went down.  During the pro-Trump April 15 free speech rally in Berkeley, California.  Antifa terrorists arrived, dressed in black, hooded and masked, and attempted their usual tactics:  Intimidate and attack anyone who expresses an opinion they don’t like.  Many conservatives attended the rally prepared to defend themselves, and several skirmishes broke out that day.  During two of those altercations, a masked, hooded man was recorded attacking conservatives with a u-shaped bike lock.  In one attack, he struck a helmeted man with the lock and broke a piece of helmet off.  In another recording, the same man was shown hitting a man holding a shield and was only successful in landing a blow on his victim’s back and neck.

Apparently unsatisfied with the damage caused against prepared victims, the same masked man was recorded by Shuttershot 45, sneaking into a heated discussion between female Antifa and Trump supporters.  He then struck Sean Stiles, who was kneeling and attempting to keep the peace between the two groups.  The force of the bike lock against Stiles’ skull opened his scalp, and the video shows him reacting by moving rapidly away from the scene, bleeding profusely.  Stiles received first aid on the scene and would eventually need five staples to close his wound.  The Youtube video of the attack went viral and received more than five hundred thousand views.  The internet was outraged.

As first reported in Liberty Nation, /pol/ community members got busy, and analyzed video and social media photos, and compared facial and body similarities as well as commonalities in clothing and accessories with many people who openly espoused sympathy with Antifa.  After finding many points of similarity between the masked attacker and Clanton, /pol/ announced their belief that Clanton was the attacker on April 20th.  Their evidence was circumstantial but significant.  While the left-leaning sites of the internet shouted foul and claimed that the evidence was insufficient for police investigation, Berkeley Police Department disagreed.

Sometime after /pol/ released their findings, Berkeley PD assigned the case to their homicide division due to the seriousness of the violence.  Upon investigation, police discovered that Clanton’s phone records placed him near the assaults.  They served search warrants on two of Clanton’s known locations, where they found evidence linking Clanton to Antifa and recovered several items consistent with items worn during the April 15 assaults, according to court documents. They also found a camera containing selfie photos of Clanton dressed in all black Antifa garb, according to Berkeleyside.com.  Police arrested Clanton May 24th.  Arraignment was May 26th, when he pleaded not guilty and received a bail determination of one hundred thousand dollars.

According to The Wayback Machine, Clanton’s now-scrubbed faculty page at his former employer, Diablo Valley College stated as recently as April 24th:

He teaches introduction to philosophy with a background in teaching ethics, critical thinking, and comparative philosophy East/West. His primary research interests are ethics and politics. His work in political philosophy also centers on mass incarceration and the prison system. He is currently exploring restorative justice from an anti-authoritarian perspective.

It isn’t surprising to find that a man tasked with teaching young people ethics and critical thinking in the California educational system might consider clubbing people to death because he disagrees with them to be both an ethical and well-conceived activity.  Now, thanks to /pol/ and Berkeley PD, if a jury of his peers finds him guilty of all charges, he is likely to get to study the prison system from a new perspective, behind bars, for many years.

Let it be known to all who would do anonymous violence against peaceful people just exercising their God given right to speak.  /pol/ is watching.  They will identify you, and you will be held accountable for your crimes.

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