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US Women World Cup Win Marred by Politics

When sports meets politics, there are no winners.

by | Jul 7, 2019 | Articles, Politics, The Left

One might have thought the not inconsiderable achievement of winning another Women’s World Cup Final by America’s team would be a cause of pride and celebration for the whole country. Not so, however, because – as is usually the case nowadays in the worlds of sports and entertainment – certain individuals had to ruin the whole thing by injecting their own political opinions.

Team captain Megan Rapinoe could not help herself when asked, well before the U.S. even reached the final, whether she would accept an invitation to the White House if the team won the tournament. In an interview for Eight by Eight magazine, Rapinoe did not conceal her dislike of President Donald Trump.

Lacking Self-Awareness and Patriotism

The pink-haired soccer star is not exactly a good example of a role model for aspiring female athletes, though. Nor is she very self-aware, it seems. After claiming during the interview that there was “no f**kin’ way” the team would receive an invite from the president, Rapinoe went on to label Trump “un-American.”

In fact, the president did invite the women’s team to the White House – whether it was victorious in the final or not. As for calling others un-American, Rapinoe, who was a complete unknown outside of the world of women’s soccer, came to prominence by refusing to sing the national anthem or place her hand over her heart as it played at the beginning of the team’s World Cup matches. Thus, we know which of the two – Trump or Rapinoe – is the more un-American.

By voicing their hatred of the president – and, by extension, of all of his supporters – the ladies of team U.S.A. ensured that rather than being enthusiastically supported by the whole country, they likely lost the backing of half of the nation. How many conservatives quietly rooted for the Netherlands in the final, out of spite, because they had been slighted by these women who decided to put their own feelings above representing their country?

Blind to the Coming Demise of Women’s Athletics

What of being a role model for young women who dream about a career in professional sports, though? Clearly, Rapinoe would prefer to see a Democrat in the White House come 2021, even though such an eventuality would likely destroy all of those dreams. Indeed, she told Eight by Eight that she hopes none of her teammates voted for the president. Democrats are pushing hard for the passage of the Equality Act, which would prohibit all attempts to prevent biological males from completely taking over women’s athletics.

Put simply, Rapinoe and her teammates should make the most of their 2019 World Cup glory: If Trump is not re-elected, there might never again be a U.S. women’s team going into a World Cup competition made up entirely of females. The Equality Act makes a mockery of the concept of empowering women because it effectively means the end of their sports, all of which will come to be dominated by men.

Rapinoe and her colleagues will be celebrated loudly by the media – by journalists and pundits who had no interest in, or knowledge of, the game of soccer, much less of women’s soccer. In truth, these great athletes should be celebrated, but they will be lauded not for their sporting achievement so much as for becoming the latest high-profile members of “the resistance.”

As with the NFL, television drama, movies, comedy, and music, a few selfish and conceited individuals who mistakenly think the American public gives a hoot about their personal political opinions have tarnished their achievements and their entire fields of industry. In the case of the women soccer stars, their glory is diminished because millions of Americans – rather than celebrating their achievement – will dismiss it with a sneer.

It would be unfair not to acknowledge that Rapinoe and her teammates were the best of all the teams in the 2019 tournament and worthy world champions. It is no less sad, however, that she and a few others chose to let their hatred ruin the moment for so many of their fellow Americans.


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