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US Officials Confirm Child “Recycling” Occurs at Southern Border

Flawed policies encourage Central American migrants to use kids to game the system.

As the crisis at our southern border continues to roil, U.S. Border Patrol agents in the El Paso, Texas, sector have confirmed a case of a child being recycled and used as a “Get into America” card by Central American migrants.

Border Patrol agents and affiliated Office of Field Operations (OFO) officers were processing “what appeared to be a family group” that had been taken into custody while attempting to cross the border, on May 1. All was not as it seemed, however.

“While in the interview process, [an OFO] officer noticed several inconsistencies that led him to suspect that the child and the alleged parent were not related,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement. “With continued questioning Border Patrol agents, OFO officers, and HSI agents were able to gain enough evidence to determine that the child had been ‘recycled’ in at least two prior instances.”

Kids Are The “In”

The children come in handy for migrants who happily allow themselves to be apprehended at the border. “The immigration system has a loophole. And that is, it allows for children to be released within a certain timeframe,” Border Patrol Spokesman Joe Romero has explained. “Now along with that, if there are parents with the children, the parents also get released.”

Romero added:

“So, they know that if they come across with children, there’s a very high probability that they’re gonna be released within a few days and then set free into the general public. And so this is why children are being used, including children who have no desire to be here.”

U.S. border authorities are making a concerted effort to crack down on this employment of fake families to gain entry into the nation. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say a Honduran man detained in the El Paso sector on April 18 presented a false birth certificate for a 7-year-old child who was accompanying him. The man later admitted that the child was not related to him.

Not all the “children” are so precocious. On April 22, ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agents “identified two suspect family units presenting as two fathers with their sons,” ICE said. “The four individuals, two of whom were discovered to be 23-year-old men pretending to be minors, are being prosecuted for visa fraud and making false statements.”

Congressional Republicans who toured the Arizona sector of the southern border were shocked by how ubiquitous the presence of small children was among the Central American migrants caught trying to cross into the U.S. “Everyone has a kid, at least one. Everyone has a kid,” one unnamed congressman reportedly noted with astonishment.

Luke Ball, press secretary for Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), told the Washington Examiner:

“They just walked up and surrendered themselves. They did not try to run. They did not try to get away because what we learned last night … is that if they come in as a family unit, they will be released probably less than two days, and they’re not allowed to hold them for a certain period of time, so essentially they are presenting themselves at the border and saying they are a family unit.”

“They know that’s their ticket in,” another unnamed lawmaker said. This is an unwholesome part of the “separating families” tear-jerker narrative that the dominant media refuses to report.

Physical and Political Exploitation

KVIA in El Paso attempted to interview a 6-year-old boy who crossed the border along with a man who claimed to be his uncle. The young child said he did not want to leave his home in El Salvador and missed his grandmother. He said his mother had already entered the U.S., but he did not know when she had done so.

nearly-4-in-5-gop-women-shut-down-border-to-halt-all-illegal-immigrationHe told KVIA that he found the trip from El Salvador to the U.S. to be “scary.” When asked what the most frightening aspect was, the boy “broke down crying, unable to continue the interview.”

Now imagine being a “recycled” child and forced to make such a hazardous and terrifying journey again and again. Border patrol agents in the El Paso sector alone captured 670 migrants attempting to cross into the U.S. in a 24-hour period starting May 1, the El Paso Times reports; the inability to fully secure our southern border is feeding an incessant humanitarian crisis.

It has long been suspected that children were being used as human toll cards in the midst of all this chaos. Now the Border Patrol has confirmed that this is indeed happening. Where are the weeping Democrats and their media enablers to decry the callous exploitation of these vulnerable youths?


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