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TwitterZone: Defund the Police? Black Families Say No Thanks

Unity between black families and the police in Oakland dismantles media claims.

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Many Democrats are expressing concern for the political repercussions of the ongoing crime spike in the largest cities in America, fearful that the failure to crack down on the recent crime wave will result in yet another Republican Revolution à la 1994 and the end of their supermajority in Congress. Such concerns about the surge in violent crime throughout the country apparently continue to fall on deaf ears for many Democratic politicians still hellbent on defunding police departments, as seen in Oakland, California.

In a heartwarming moment in Oakland, hundreds of black families assembled and joined together with law enforcement officers in a “Stand Up For A Safe Oakland” rally against gun violence in the city. At the same time, a handful of white anti-cop demonstrators holding profanity-laden signs attacking law enforcement were present and shouting heinous accusations at police officers. In a remarkable turn of events, a group of black supporters at the rally confronted the demonstrators, making tongue-in-cheek remarks about their “white privilege” for opposing the wishes of black families who have suffered at the hands of gun violence in their communities. They even corrected the statements of agitators who insinuated that police officers were the primary threat to black lives in the city before angrily walking away and rejoining the rally.

Oakland has become yet another future case study for the rest of the country on how defunding the police works out amid a spike in crime. Last year, an initial cut of $14.3 million from the city’s police budget was claimed temporary until the promise of additional COVID relief money was received. Just last month, the Oakland City Council voted to cut the expansion of police funds in the wake of the ongoing crime surge by $18 million, angering minority and law enforcement communities in the city. Though not a direct cut of the standing police budget, Oakland Police Chief Leronne Armstrong noted that the slashed expansion would force the department to freeze the employment statuses of 50 officers in the city. Armstrong pointed out that the 90% year-over-year increase in homicides within the city limits should have been enough evidence against the diversion of funds away from actual law enforcement.

Minority groups across the country, especially those in high-crime areas within their cities, have shown a clear opposition to efforts to defund the police. Fake moralism from white liberals who continue to speak over and drown out minority voices across the nation continues to dominate media headlines at the behest of the Democratic Party.

New York City’s mayoral race was a rejection of woke liberal activism and a clear indication of the divide in reality between minorities in urban areas and coastal elites living in their suburban gated communities, calling for the erosion of law enforcement activity nationwide. Media manipulation of public opinion against the police has come to dominate primetime television. It is up to minorities to speak out against those who claim to speak for them with sinister motives. As more Americans continue to hear the opinions of those in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Democrat-controlled areas, perhaps momentum will drastically shift against the tide of woke activism dominating the national discourse.


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