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Trump Foreign Policy Denounced By Dick Cheney Democrats

The supposed anti-war left has been exposed as a bunch of neoconservative wannabes. 

Should Joe Biden be officially certified as the 2020 election winner and become the 46th president of the United States, how would he handle foreign policy? Aside from empty platitudes about being friends with allies again and some gibberish regarding trunalimununmazprzure, Biden has not been clear as to how he will differ from President Donald Trump on war, diplomatic negotiations, and contentious relationships with the country’s adversaries around the world. The public is only aware of two things: Orange Man Bad and that the first thing Mr. Biden would do upon an electoral victory is to defeat President Trump (he stated this policy objective during an MSNBC primary debate).

Perhaps the American people could gain a glimpse into how a Biden presidency would manage foreign policy by combing through the words of prominent Democrats, both advisors and supporters. Many of these folks have channeled the spirit of former Vice President Dick Cheney by rejecting a Trump-induced exit from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chuck Schumer

Pro-War Left Outraged

Has a real estate billionaire and reality television mogul been the first president not to start any new wars in a long time? Yes, and this is irking a party that was supposed to be the political anti-war force in Washington.

The Trump administration recently revealed that U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq would be reduced considerably to 2,500 in each country by January, making good on a 2016 campaign promise to get out of these wasteful and costly eternal regime change conflicts. But will the president’s efforts be in vain? If comments from notable Democrats are any indication, you can expect the Bush-Obama adventurism to persist in the Biden era.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called it “erratic” decision-making. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer stated that it is a hasty move. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) argued that it would threaten national security. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) urged President Trump to reconsider because “we cannot leave NATO and our partners in the dark.” Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) opined that the troop withdrawal “is the wrong thing to do,” adding that “we want our troops home, but let’s not bring them home in body bags.” Susan Rice, who some believe will become Biden’s Secretary of State, pointed to a tweet from Brett McGurk, the chief advocate of the Bush/Cheney surge. McGurk wrote that Trump’s decision on Afghanistan is “diplomatic malpractice” and that this will make it “harder to build alliances.”

And what better way to hammer home the message that Trump is doing the wrong thing by bringing troops home than by tapping the media wing of the Democratic Party?

The consensus among leading Democrats is that the troop withdrawal is meant to undermine the incoming Biden administration. That suggests two things. The first is that they do not believe Biden would decrease the number of boots on the ground overseas. The second is that they are a bunch of rabid and partisan pro-war Democrats willing to sacrifice more lives to oppose Trump.

But what does the man, who is supposed to become the next commander in chief, think?

The Biden Doctrine

As was his campaign strategy during the 2020 primaries, Biden spoke out of both sides of his mouth when it came to foreign policy. He stated that “these forever wars have to end” but then noted that “we still have to worry about terrorism.” Biden also revealed that he supports Trump’s withdrawal from Iraq, only to flip-flop and say that “it’s a mistake to pull out the small number of troops that are there now to deal with ISIS.” Biden would later propose launching some counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan from bases in Pakistan, while then regurgitating a line about listening to the generals on the ground.

Susan Rice

You cannot expect anything different from a man whose public record has been a disaster. He voted for the Iraq War invasion but also championed a combat mission dating back to the 1990s. When the Iraq War appeared to be a losing battle, Biden proposed breaking up the country into three parts for the Kurds, the Sunnis, and the Shiites.

The Biden Doctrine consists of keeping calm, fighting on, and risking U.S. soldiers’ lives to appease the neoconservative-left ruling coalition in the Democratic Party and the foreign policy establishment.

Woke Warmongering

It turns out that it is OK to sacrifice young men and women in foreign lands and advocate for more wars as long as you are woke. Whether you are a pundit like Max Boot or a politician like Susan Rice, your responsibility for costing lives and trillions of dollars is expunged because you have received an honorary degree in Wokeology. Shrieking “black lives matter,” accusing Trump of being Literally Hitler (TM), and reading and promoting The New York Times1619 project will allow you to point to a country on a map and demand for a tactical nuclear strike because it threatens democracy – or something. You can emulate Cheney, but you must first denounce your white privilege. This is the state of leftism in 2020.


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