When journalist and activist Tommy Robinson was arrested in Britain on May 25 for “breaching the peace” and sentenced to thirteen months in jail in only four hours, the news spread like wildfire in the alternative media.

His crime was to live stream in a public street outside a court while it heard a case against Muslim grooming gangs who have sexually abused young British girls for nearly two decades with the full knowledge of the authorities. Worse, the court issued a reporting ban on the case against Robinson. Free speech was being smothered in the birthplace of the Magna Carta.

Spontaneous protests

Disgusted by what they perceived as an appalling abuse of power, patriots and freedom lovers organized in spontaneous protests. Protests erupted in English cities like Manchester, Leeds, and London. Protesters gathered by the hundreds outside the Prime Minister’s residence in 10 Downing Street, and awkwardly the British media were legally barred from reporting on why it was happening.

The rallies spread to other countries and marches were held in many countries including the U.S., Denmark, Germany, Canada, Austria, and Norway.

Other reactions

Many prominent politicians and intellectuals commented on the arrest. Canadian professor Gad Saad expressed his dismay that freedom of speech was under attack in the UK.

The Dutch politician Marcel de Graaff mentioned him in a flaming speech in the EU parliament, using Robinson as an example of the dark path Europe is on.

British intellectual Douglas Murray and author of The Strange Death of Europe was not allowed to speak on the subject in Britain and chose his words carefully in an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

He aptly summarized the problem as one of the priorities. If British authorities had chosen to police “Asian” grooming gangs with the same zeal as they have persecuted those who protest the grooming gangs, the problem would not have arisen in the first place.

Press ban lifted

After a few days, the British media was finally allowed to report on the Tommy Robinson case. His supporters claim that it was the massive international reactions that forced the courts to lift the ban. However, instead of focusing on the assault on the freedom of the press, most British journalists chose to demonize Tommy Robinson instead.

June 9 in London

The protests are not over, and on June 9 the largest protest so far is expected in London. There are also planned events elsewhere around the globe to amplify the media impact of the protest.

Global nationalists

In fact, one of the curious effects of the Tommy Robinson case is to highlight how patriots and nationalists unite globally in their efforts against the globalist elite. That may to many seem like a contradiction, but it reveals a flaw in the prevalent prejudice against nationalists.

The common view among globalists is that nationalists are isolationist and antagonistic towards other nations and cultures. The international cooperation and global action we have seen proves them wrong. Nationalists are in general not against free trade or global cooperation. They merely want to preserve the culture in their homelands and reciprocate by respecting other nations’ right to do the same.

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