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The Unasked Questions on Migrant Kids and Biden’s $450K Payments

The narrative has been set, and the media continue to ask all the wrong questions.

The new narrative has been settled regarding President Joe Biden’s apparent dispute with White House deputy personnel over whether his administration will be paying $450K to illegal immigrants separated from their kids at the border. After the commander-in-chief initially described news of the payouts as “garbage,” the spin machine kicked into righteous indignation mode and began claiming the moral high ground. But it seems that illustrious members of the Biden-friendly Fourth Estate are unwilling to ask the most obvious and poignant of questions.

The Spin So Far

New banner Viewpoint with eyeAfter the president’s initial denial that payments to illegal immigrants separated from family members at the border were being considered, the White House swiftly reversed course and stated that Biden was “perfectly comfortable” with restitution. Later narrative-crafting suggested the “garbage” comment was directed at the supposition that such cash payments would “incentivize” migrants to come to the United States. Creating a further layer of protection, presidential aides insisted that this was a Department of Justice decision and that Biden was demonstrating good judgment in not interfering.

When some began to ask whether such payments would encourage further illegal border crossings, Biden lambasted reporters for hinting that a parent would risk being separated from their child for a dollar value. And shame on you for even thinking such a thing. He continued by laying the blame for the situation squarely at the feet of former President Donald Trump, adding that the DOJ was looking to save taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars by arriving at a settlement rather than face a lawsuit in court. And yet, the Fourth Estate need only cast their eyes back past the high horse of the president’s pulpit to see the glaring truths so far ignored.

A Litany of Falsehoods

The administration’s argument – in the words of Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny – “does not hold water.”

First, to say that these payments fix injustices committed by Trump ignores the fact that migrant children were separated from their guardians at the border long before Trump came to power. As 45 asked the viewing audience during a televised debate with Biden, “Who built the cages, Joe?” The kids in cages debacle started under former President Barack Obama – with Joe Biden as VP – and continued through the Trump administration … and is ongoing today. The children in these holding facilities are not with their parents; ergo, they have been separated.

And what of incentives? When Biden scolded the concerned public for daring to think a cash sum would be motivation for migrants to bring a child to the border in order to purposely be separated from said child, he ignored the glaringly obvious. As the system stands right now, many illegal immigrant families traveling with children continue to be temporarily separated during processing. The adults know this – it’s on every newscast available. If they come now, there are two possibilities, and both benefit the illegal border crossers. Family units will either be permitted to remain together and gain easier entry to the United States, or they will be separated and get in line for a considerable amount of cash.

A Big Pay Day for Traffickers?

Finally, we have the dirty secret of illegal immigration: child trafficking. According to a CNN fact check that sought to explain away the apparent disconnect between Joe Biden and his own administration, the outlet noted that:

“More than three years later, attorneys are still trying to reach the parents of 270 migrant children who were separated at the US-Mexico border under the Trump administration, according to a federal court filing Wednesday.”

Migrants Housed In Donna, TX As Border Facilities Struggle To Handle Surge

(Photo by Dario Lopez-Mills – Pool/Getty Images)

Where are the parents? If, in fact, that’s what they are. Due to policies in place, those arriving with children have been more likely to be allowed into the U.S., rather than returned to Mexico. Therefore, traffickers were incentivized to travel with minors. Once they were in the country, the child traffickers could either continue their abuse of the children, or simply disappear into the night.

In 2018, the Department of Health and Human Services turned to DNA testing to try and reunite families. What they found was that not all those claiming a genetic link had one.

And, of course, there are those minors who have gone unclaimed. As Liberty Nation reported at the time:

“We know full well that human traffickers use the porous southern border as a method of bringing in children for pedophile prostitution and sale. The children going unclaimed, and those without any other connection, could well be victims who have avoided a fate worse than death.”

Fourth Estate Failure

That the vast majority of the legacy media is refusing to ask the simplest of questions displays just how far Biden’s allies are willing to go to support him. Trust in the media is at an all-time low, and is it any wonder? The most basic paradoxes are being ignored as Americans sit around the breakfast table in bewilderment, wondering why the entire apparatus of government and the denizens of the Fourth Estate can’t see the glaring contradictions.

Author Craig D. Lounsbrough warned of the impact spin doctors have. He wrote, “If we use the ‘pen of fiction’ to edit the ‘narrative of fact’ in order to justify our choices, we will soon discover that the pen is in fact a pencil.” Not only is the administration trying to edit its own narrative, but with the support of the media, it is in the process of rewriting history.

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