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The Politics of HollyWeird: The Racist Ellen DeGeneres Show?

Kanye runs for president, while Brad Pitt tries out Fauci’s lab coat.

Editor’s Note: Whether on screen or off, Hollywood can always be counted on to keep us entertained. This is especially true when it comes to politics. Join us each week as we shine the spotlight on Tinseltown’s A-listers and their wacky and sometimes inspiring takes on today’s current events.

Virtual Emmy Awards

Emmy nominations were announced on July 28 with obvious choices, such as The Mandalorian (who can resist Baby Yoda!), and some predictable left-wing politics such as Brad Pitt’s portrayal on Saturday Night Live of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House Coronavirus so-called expert. Pitt is well known for his drool-worthy looks, his famous relationships, and, of course, his acting. But it was a brief skit taking pop shots at President Donald Trump that won him the Emmy nomination.

Sitting behind a desk, wearing a white wig, the actor, in a mediocre attempt to sound like Fauci, explained to the viewers how Trump has been wrong on every count regarding the virus and its seriousness. Not to worry, though, he’ll always be around to tell the truth.

Actor and comedian Eddie Murphy also received an Emmy nomination, the first for him in 21 years, for guest-hosting the same Saturday Night Live show that aired Pitt’s Fauci routine. The voting on nominations will begin Aug. 21 and end on Aug. 31. This year, the 72nd Emmy Awards will be hosted by none other than Jimmy Kimmel. The awards show will be broadcast on ABC Sept. 20. You can see the full list of nominees here.

Ellen DeGeneres: A Racist?

Actress, comedian, and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has branded her popular show with the motto “Be Kind” and supports it by giving to charities, providing gifts to her in-studio audience, identifying do-gooders and promoting their causes, and financially boosting those who are in need. But former and current employees are saying that generosity is all for show, just a front; instead, The Ellen DeGeneres Show provides a toxic working environment with racist management.

BuzzFeed News reported on the claims from one current and ten former employees of the show – all who wish to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. Rumors that DeGeneres is rude and “mean” have been floating around for a while. Comedian Kevin T. Porter in March started a Tweet asking people to share “the most insane stories you’ve heard about Ellen being mean.” That tweet earned more than 2,600 responses.

According to BuzzFeed, a former employee took medical leave to check into a mental health facility to get help with suicidal thoughts. When that person returned to work, the position was no longer available. Another was fired after taking time off to attend two family members’ funerals; same for an employee who had been involved in a car wreck. And still another was reprimanded for posting a GoFundMe account to raise money to help pay for medical expenses not covered by insurance. This person reportedly was told to take the post down because it could damage Ellen’s reputation.

A black woman told the media source of experiencing racism while working on the show. When she was first hired, she was standing next to another black female when a senior-level producer said, “Oh wow, you both have box braids. I hope we don’t get confused.” Then, during a work party, the woman was told by one of the main writers, “I’m sorry, I only know the names of white people who work here.”

These accusations coming at a time of racially-charged civil unrest in the country tarnish a show that prides itself on being kind.

Kanye West – Still Blazing for the White House


Yeezy is still on the campaign trail, despite his rather public breakdown and late entry into the presidential contest. He is already on the Oklahoma ballot and has gathered enough signatures to get on the New Jersey ballot as well. Running for the Birthday Party, he is listed as “slogan pending.” But he is out and about, trying to gather as many voters as possible, even while his wife, Kim Kardashian, pleads with the public to be understanding of his bipolar medical condition.

Kim’s plea came after West had a meltdown and took to Twitter, claiming the couple had considered an abortion and insinuated his wife had had an affair with rapper Meek Mill. West’s post was a bit confusing, saying, “They tried to fly in 2 doctors to 51/50 me” and then “I’ve been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Warldorf for ‘prison reform.’” Kim then went on to explain her husband’s mental disorder and how it affects everyone around him.

During his first campaign stop in Charleston, SC, the would-be president talked about how his mother saved his life because his father wanted to abort him. Then, with huge crocodile tears flowing down his face, he squeaked out, “I almost killed my daughter,” in reference to considering an abortion.

Tune in next week to see what else Tinseltown has planned.


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