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The People’s Republic: China Hasn’t Been Real Since 1949

Remember Mao? He officially ended China.

The Chinese may sometimes be critical of their political system. Still, they often hold great pride in China and claim that it is the most successful, longest-living, and most sustainable civilization that has ever existed. There is only one problem with this logic: China may no longer exist.

The Deep State

After World War II, Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-WI) made the public aware that “the State Department is infested with communists.” When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, access to the Soviet archives vindicated McCarthy and proved that his claims were not exaggerated. If anything, he failed to see the full scope of communist infiltration in America.

Winners write history. Since McCarthy to this day is demonized both by his party and by the Democrats, despite being a national hero who was entirely correct, we know that the communists won the war of ideas by controlling academia.

The End of China

One of these communist sympathizers was the American diplomat John S. Service, who was stationed in China during the civil war that followed World War II.

He told rosy stories to President Harry S. Truman about how Mao Zedong was “progressive” and “loved by the people” while demonizing the then-leader of China, Chiang Kai-Shek. Service played a decisive role in defunding Chiang and thereby allowing one of the world’s worst mass murderers to take over China.

When Mao took power, he changed the official name of the state to the People’s Republic of China. In so doing, he declared that the old government’s debt to American lenders was defunct. By the stroke of a pen, he wiped out what in today’s money amounts to $1.4 trillion in debt, by declaring that the old China that signed the obligations no longer existed.

Strangely, when the Hong Kong lease agreement between Queen Victoria’s British Empire and the old China expired in 1997, past contracts were suddenly valid again.

The Cultural Revolution


Mao didn’t just change the name of the country. He destroyed its culture too. Chinese people are often proud of the fact that the continuity of Chinese symbols for thousands of years allows modern Chinese to read documents from the archaic era.

Except that they can’t, because Mao insisted on introducing simplified Chinese symbols, which ruined the only salient feature of the language: its continuity with the past. Now, the Chinese still have to learn thousands of symbols just to read a newspaper, but they have lost the ability to read documents from the past.

This severing of history was a feature, not a bug. Mao urged his devoted followers to destroy any remnants of the past, and they set about doing what communists are doing in America right now: destroying all statues, temples, and cultural artifacts.

Taiwan, the last stronghold of Chiang, is the only remaining genuinely Chinese place that is untouched by the cultural revolution.

A Great Civilization

Whatever China has become under the communist regime, it is no longer authentically Chinese. Maybe one day the people of China will look back on the Mao Dynasty as a dark and troublesome period that they successfully managed to overcome. The alternative is that China is gone forever.


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