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The Lesson From Ireland – Massive Social Change Brings Repression

To protect “progress,” the unpopular policies can’t be threatened by those pesky peasants.

There are two essential takeaways from the rioting in Ireland triggered by the stabbings of three children by an Algerian-born immigrant. First, the escalating violence that is a feature, not a bug, of rapid massive demographic upheaval in Western nations will be used as a pretext to crush the liberties of ordinary citizens. Second, the deeply unpopular governments orchestrating this incendiary change must suppress all opposition to their corrosive activities to remain in power.

To say Ireland has been inundated with migrants is an understatement. “A million migrants, there or thereabouts, have come and settled in Ireland over the last decade,” Irish author and former political adviser Kevin Meagher told UK television network GB News on November 24. “It’s been a massive social change, very, very quickly, and typically, like in Britain, like lots of other European countries, done without the electoral consent of the Irish people. And it’s created a very big backlash.”

‘We Are Restricting Freedom’ in Ireland

Ireland’s entire population is just over five million people. “Twenty percent is now foreign-born,” Meagher stressed.

GettyImages-1245177910 migrant Ireland

Migrant protest 2022 (Photo by Niall Carson/PA Images via Getty Images)

Grave social instability is inevitable under such circumstances. The government officials bringing about this instant demographic change undoubtedly fully realize this. Which means their decision to target the Irish people exasperated by the collapse of their communities and quality of life via oppressive “hate speech” laws must be seen for what it is: a pre-planned complementary aspect of the unchecked immigration agenda.

“We are restricting freedom. But we’re doing it for the common good,” Irish Green Party Senator Pauline O’Reilly bluntly stated while addressing the governing chamber on the need for punitive hate speech laws following the rioting. “You will see throughout our constitution, yes you have rights, but they are restricted for the common good. Everything needs to be balanced.”

As always, the advocates for such laws rely on emotion-based argument, which inevitably means the measures to be codified in law will be so sketchily defined that they can be applied on the broadest possible scale. Again, this is a feature, not a bug.

“If your views on other people’s identities go to make their lives unsafe, insecure, and cause them such deep discomfort that they cannot live in peace, then I believe that it is our job as legislators to restrict those freedoms for the common good,” O’Reilly continued.

A sitting senator in Ireland is calling for laws to be passed that will put Irish citizens in prison if they make other people feel “insecure” about their “identities.” As is desired, the elastic implications of such language are limitless.

And it is not restricted to the other side of the Atlantic.

GettyImages-1583215322 Kathy Hochul

Kathy Hochul (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

As Liberty Nation reported on November 8, New York Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul is using the pretense of a war in the Middle East that has inflamed tensions among Jewish, Arab, and other New Yorkers to open the door to a full government crackdown on the murky term “hate” in the Empire State.

See if you can spot the trap here.

“My top priority is to protect the safety and well-being of all New Yorkers,” Hochul proclaimed on October 31 while announcing a series of official actions. “We cannot allow hate and intimidation to become normalized. As governor, I reaffirm that there is zero tolerance in New York for antisemitism, Islamophobia, or hate of any kind, and it’s critical we deploy every possible state resource to keep New Yorkers safe.”

Just what is “hate of any kind?” Formerly free citizens will be left to the mercy of government interpretation of their thoughts and actions in finding out.

O’Neill’s stressing of “the common good” to restrict individual liberty has enthusiastic advocates here in America as well. It was a staple of coronavirus pandemic vaccine mandate enthusiasts who asserted that the government had the right to make medical decisions for citizens.

Years earlier, one of the most prominent Democrats in the US today leaned on the phrase while seeking to restrict religious freedom in her political fiefdom.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was a state senator in 2014 when she penned an op-ed for The Lansing State Journal in which she declared that Michiganders had no right to cite religious objections to the brave new progressive social agenda of “gender identity.”

Whitmer criticized attempts to allow religious exemptions to government-enforced recognition of transgenderism that she ruefully stated “would put an individual’s religious beliefs ahead of the common good.”

A Curious Trait Shared by Western Democracies

The game seems simple enough. A progressive ruling establishment that openly seeks to destroy the traditions and norms of sovereign nation-states decrees its various destabilizing policies to be “human rights,” and thus above reproach. To oppose the policy is to oppose humanity itself.

The rioting in Ireland brings home another sad point that shockingly does not get more attention. The Emerald Isle is part of the unhappy family of Western nations, all supposedly representative democracies, governed by profoundly unpopular elected officials.

LN documented this bizarre phenomenon in 2022. Some excerpts from that article:

“[Emmanuel] Macron unpopular, but reelected,” read a typical headline in April as the French president secured another term. “Justin Trudeau’s reality: Much of the country dislikes him,” an op-ed title out of Canada crisply declared in August….

“[I]t would be fairer to describe him as the least unpopular candidate,” an Oct. 24 Sky News political analysis tartly observed [of newly minted UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak]. “While 36% of those surveyed said they had a ‘favorable’ opinion of [Sunak] … 64% said they had an ‘unfavorable’ one.”

“Joe Biden stands as the most unpopular president of the modern era at just 18 months into his administration.”

At what point does it stop being a coincidence?

Irish elected officials display a total disdain for the people they are said to represent that is entirely in keeping with the status quo throughout the West today.

“Europe is paradise,” Taoiseach [i.e. Prime Minister] Leo Varadkar told the Dail, the lower house of the Irish Parliament, on November 28. “Ireland is one of the best parts of paradise,” he added. “Thousands will come here and we just need to manage that as best we can.”

The message is unmistakable. You do not have the right to keep your wonderful country to yourselves. It is bound to spur a backlash; they know it will – and that is where hate speech laws come into play. Wiping out the natural popular reaction is a necessity if one is to go about dismantling a nation while pretending to be a democracy.

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