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The Fight Against Critical Race Theory, Suburban Women Voters, And The Censure Wars

Join Jeff Charles for The Fresh Perspective Livestream.

On tonight’s episode of “A Fresh Perspective,” Jeff Charles discusses the prospects for the Republican Party winning back suburban women voters, a parents’ group pushing back against “woke” indoctrination in the classroom, and the censure wars brewing in the House of Representatives.

Former President Trump lost a key voting bloc during the 2020 campaign: Suburban women. Many speculate that this was due mostly to his personality rather than policy. But with the radical left pushing critical race theory and other types of questionable material in America’s classrooms, could Democrats be erasing the inroads they have made with this group of voters?

A group of parents has formed a national network specifically designed to push back against the teaching of woke theology and critical race theory in public schools. Efforts like this will be a key component in winning the cultural battle over these issues, but there is another factor that is still missing.

Lastly, House Republicans and Democrats are targeting lawmakers for censure for making controversial – and admittedly stupid – remarks over the past couple of weeks. The Democrats, however, have already flexed their power by stripping Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) of her committee assignments. Will the GOP be willing to strike back?

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