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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – October 8, 2023

Test Your News Knowledge - 10/8/23
1. What criteria has Governor Gavin Newsom set for the replacement of Dianne Feinstein after taking heat for his Kamala Harris substitute?
2. How much money has Mayor Eric Adams invested in renting hotel rooms for migrants?
3. Who filed the motion to oust Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy?
4. Roughly ________ was printed by the Federal Reserve between late 2019 and July 2022.
5. The New York fraud trial against Donald Trump cannot result in jail time for the former president. It can, however, cost him millions of dollars in fines and:
6. The removal of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was unprecedented because:
7. The basis for why the payday lending industry sued the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) is:
8. What task was Donald Trump trying to complete that the Biden administration whole-heartedly fought against and is now starting back up?
9. In addition to the Writers Guild and United Auto Workers, over 75,000 __________ employees began a strike on October 4.
10. It is highly ________ that an employee of the US State Department is leaking information to Iran.

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