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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – May 5, 2024

Test Your News Knowledge - 5/5/24
1. Republicans are pushing back against basic income initiatives that would provide _______ payments to low-income individuals.
2. NATO is considering putting nuclear weapons in what country?
3. What former enemy of Donald Trump has become a surprising partial ally by stating that he feels the case against Trump is uncalled for and wrong?
4. A recent survey by Rasmussen Reports showed that 49% of Americans think it is too easy to _______, though their results may be misleading since most of them haven’t tried.
5. Local media outlets in ________ are set to receive $30 million in the form of tax credits to help pay journalist salaries.
6. Some experts do not feel that celebrity endorsements will influence the 2024 election. Regardless of how true that is, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Seth MacFarlane publicly support:
7. Trump, while speaking out against the anti-Semitic violence on college campuses, noted that Joe Biden still refers to the happenings at ________ as his inspiration to run for president.
8. Former US District Attorney Brett Tolman identified _______ as a severe problem for any free nation.
9. The communist nation of _____ is currently struggling with food shortages, power outages, and cash deficiencies
10. Since 2020, there has been a steady increase in _________, causing some concerns leading up to the November presidential election.

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