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Test Your News Knowledge Quiz – June 30, 2024

by | Jun 30, 2024 | Articles, Quizzes

Test Your News Knowledge - 6/30/24
1. In United States v. Rahimi, all but one of the nine Supreme Court justices ruled on Friday, June 21, that disarming Rahimi was not unconstitutional. Which of the justices dissented?
2. Republicans and Democrats opted to hold their national conventions in Milwaukee and:
3. Birth control for men is entering its third and final phase of testing. The medicine comes in a gel form and is applied to a man’s _______ once per day.
4. According to a Harvard study, women accounted for about half of all _______ between 2019 and 2021.
5. What no-nonsense TV star criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for prosecuting Donald Trump?
6. The Supreme Court’s ruling in The City of Grants Pass v. Johnson addressed whether _______ can be criminalized.
7. American women and girls are facing an ever-growing threat involving brutally violent acts brought on by:
8. Forty-three books were blacklisted from _______ due to their alleged anti-vaccine content.
9. The voter turnout in the last parliamentary election in _____ was just over 40%, the worst in the Republic’s history.
10. Skilled American military contractors are likely to be deployed to _______ after approval from the Biden administration.

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