California’s liberal money-man, Tom Steyer, recently sent 5,100 Democratic hopefuls for office, a ‘how-to’ handbook for stopping the Trump train barreling down the tracks to midterm election victory.  Steyer’s “Need to Impeach” booklet, outlining a winning strategy to remove all vestiges of a conservative administration, is in the hands of candidates just weeks prior to a series of scheduled intraparty debates funded by Steyer’s group, NextGen America.

NextGen America was originally created to address climate change, but Steyer’s unbridled hatred of President Donald Trump, and by proxy, most Americans living and working anywhere outside of California, has broadened the organization’s mission:

“Since our founding as NextGen Climate in 2013, we’ve worked to fight climate change by advancing the transition to a clean energy economy. We’ve supported candidates who support climate action. We’ve fought to halt the Keystone XL pipeline and registered more than 1 million voters nationwide.

Now, the same values that drive our work on climate are under unprecedented attack from all directions. We’re proud to step up the fight for immigrant rights, affordable health care, prosperity, and equality.”

Here we Come, to Save the Day!

It appears Steyer also sensed a potential media frenzy with the likes of David Hogg, Emma Gonzales and repealing the 2nd Amendment–constitutional scholars those two–and has hung his hat on the youth of our nation to implement the derailment of Trump and conservative values; an edict that the country just 18 months ago voted to restore.  And it seems he has no qualms in drafting impressionable young Americans (and possibly illegals), as foot soldiers on the front lines of his personal war with America.  He and his minions have taken on quite the challenge in attempting to overthrow the current government.

Just think about this for a minute; is the 18-30 age bracket the demographic to depend on in this political battle?

Chasing after Progressives and millennials is hard work; how do you convince them to put down the Tide pods, stop snorting condoms, and focus on politics without a fidget spinner?  Steyer found a way as NextGen funded a #YouthVote day of Action in 20 cities across the country, registering 20,000 young people:

“During the #YouthVote Day of Action, NextGen America organizers and volunteers rallied and registered young voters to hold their representatives accountable, hosted panels on issues young voters care about — like immigration and climate change — and encouraged students to participate in our democracy with food, prizes, and petting zoos.”

Hey, hold my slice while I pet this goat.

Steyer believes his path to removing Trump and restoring the march to Socialism lies with our children:

“NextGen America’s $30 million youth organizing program is the most robust in American history, mobilizing young voters across ten states — Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, Virginia, and Wisconsin. NextGen’s program aims to contact half a million young voters, register 250,000 young voters, and train over 2,000 volunteer student leaders on campuses across the country.”

A Questionable Past

Perhaps his need to use students and young people to further his agenda stems from the embarrassment of being outed as a climate champion fraud.  Steyer founded a hedge fund company in San Francisco, Farallon, in the 1980s and a large part of his portfolio investments were related to coal mine operations in Australia:

“The New York Times examined the operations of coal-mining companies in which Farallon invested or to which it lent money during Mr. Steyer’s stewardship, which coincided with growing demand and prices for coal. Together, those mines have increased their annual production by about 70 million tons since they received money from the hedge fund, according to corporate records, government data and interviews with industry experts.”

An amount that exceeds what is consumed by Britain alone.  Hypocrisy, much?

A group of students calling themselves UnFarallon, certainly thought so and protested Steyer and his billions-generating business.  Although he soon sold his share, make no mistake, Steyer is still very much attached to Farallon.  If you want to dig into the billionaire’s many duplicitous acts, click here for a deeper dive.

Attention Span?

There has been study after study on the human brain that tells us the attention span of the under 25 crowd, is sketchy at best.  Insurance companies have notoriously capped their prime rates charging more to the younger demographic.  Why does Steyer believe he will have better luck than State Farm or Allstate is a question to be answered.

The “Need to Impeach” booklet delivered to Democrats heading into debates pushes a Progressive candidate agenda that relies on hate, and is dependent upon a group of kids to rise-up, put away the gaming console, and blindly seek out their polling place in the upcoming Midterms.  A fool’s mission; but I suspect Steyer knows this.  He is spewing his brand of hate as an emotional outlet against the president.  From where I stand, it is Steyer, and his acts of two-faced capitalism shrouded in liberalism, that needs to be impeached.


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