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The left consistently tells us that the “science is settled” on climate change and global warming. They have convincing arguments, such as cow farts are a major contributor to global warming. However, global scientists can’t say exactly how they are bad, except that we need to trust the data they won’t show us. On the contrary, these scientists are not trustworthy. The American public has become increasingly skeptical of global warming, and trust has become an obstacle to leftists who can’t further their agenda without it. What the left doesn’t seem to realize is that they don’t help their argument when they have a policy protecting “secret science” to back up their claims on global warming.

Secret science was used by the Obama Administration to back up their reasons for excessive regulation. Anyone who thinks for themselves can see that if the data used to justify more EPA regulations needs to be kept secret, it is probably a lie.

Scott Pruitt’s EPA is taking steps to end the policy and create transparency in the agency. The government putting regulations on energy companies that drive up power bills is a serious matter. There are millions of people who live in poverty and struggle to keep the lights on, and the Obama Administration made life harder for those people by using alleged data that no one could verify.

The previous administration’s EPA used hidden data from a 1990s study on fine particle matter or PM2.5. They say the substance is a direct link to death. However, Steve Milloy debunked this myth by merely obtaining a public record of death certificates in California. No evidence supported the claim that PM2.5 caused death. The records were ironic because California is often laden with smog. Apparently, the left forgot that people have been dying for all of history. Oops.

The Obama administration sent down dozens of Environmental Protection Agency regulations that crushed businesses, costing them money and Americans jobs for the sake of failed tax-payer funded Solyndra. It is no secret Obama, and his band of environmental warriors did what they could to crush oil and coal, but promoted “renewable, green energy sources.” The environmentally “friendly” forms of energy turned into a political battleground.

Leftists declare there is a “consensus of scientists” that agree on global warming or climate change, and regulating businesses will stop the earth from warming. However, they can’t seem to make up their mind. In the 1970s there was a consensus of scientists that said the earth was cooling and there would be a food shortage. Global warming and global cooling theories have failed, so they have moved on to climate change.

Their use of the term is another classic example of the leftists taking a phrase, and changing the original meaning to fit their political agenda. In truth, climate change is nothing new. The world has been through numerous ice ages. It was able to come out of the ice ages because the earth warmed. The climate has been changing since creation. God put a balance on the planet.

Scott Pruitt is making the EPA transparent. He is nixing leftist policy, creating less regulation, which means there is more freedom to prosper. The secret science policy was designed for political purposes, not the environment.

Secret science is just the political equivalent of cow flatulence.


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