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What racism and slavery have in common

Few would likely be surprised to find that racism and slavery have a lot in common – though some of the similarities might shock you. Both have been endemic across the globe throughout the ages. Both were resisted by white Christian males. In the case of slavery, they succeeded in abolishing it in nearly every part of the world. They managed to combat and reduce racism in the West, but it’s still rampant in the rest of the world.

Curiously, both are broadly blamed on white Christian males. If you go into any leftist university in North America, a shockingly large proportion of the students will say that whites invented slavery and that only whites have ever been or can be racist.

This is such a blatant and vicious disregard for reality that even George Orwell would never have considered putting it in his dystopian novel 1984.

Most seem unaware of the sinister agenda of leftists. People believe that the left is misguided. That is surely the case for some, but not for the ideologues. They probably have more in common with the vindictive Cain in the Biblical story than with their naïve liberal useful idiots. Fueled by hatred and resentment, which they justify as identification of injustice, they unconsciously desire the destruction of the West.

One example of such distilled hate was tweeted by professor George Ciccariello-Maher on Christmas Eve last year: “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.”

After a Bernie Sanders supporter had gone on a shooting spree among congressional Republicans in June, the hashtag #LetThemF***ingDie trended on social media. Several professors approved of this lust for death and murder, such as Trinity college professor Johnny Eric Williams who in the wake of the shooting shared an article titled “Let Them F***ing Die” and wrote: “The time is now to confront these inhuman ***holes and end this now.”

You never see this kind of vitriol directed at the abhorrent violations and abuse that are routinely observed in non-Western countries and cultures across the globe. The reason for that is that these intellectuals do not care about the victims. They hate white people, and they are looking for reasons to lash out at them.

Why? Getting into the head of leftists must necessarily be speculative, but one likely explanation is that envy drives them. Whites in general, like many Jews and East-Asians, are highly successful and are therefore resented. Across the world, economically successful people are despised for their success.

However, their lies about whites are so outrageous and blatantly false that it will be their undoing. Below is a list of the top 25 racist countries in the world, according to the World Values Survey. As can readily be seen from the list, there are many races represented. Can you spot the one that is conspicuously underrepresented?

You can criticize whites for much, but exceedingly racist they are not. Most likely you were surprised to learn this fact. Ask yourself why. Perhaps it is the same reason that most Americans have no idea that Hitler was a socialist and that the communists murdered more than 100 million people across the world. The main problem is that a disturbingly large proportion of professors are radical leftists and even communists. When you send your children to university, you risk handing them over to ideologues rather than teachers. These ideologues do not teach, but indoctrinate. They do not foster critical thinking, but hatred.

Fortunately, that is something that is within your power to change. Before you send your kids to college, make sure you vet the institution and their professors. If you see words like “diversity,” “equity,” “inclusivity” and “white privilege,” run for your life. Those words spell trouble, divisiveness, polarization, resentment, and conflict.

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