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Protests Across America – Latest Updates

Live updates from around the country in the run-up to Joe Biden's inauguration.

As Washington, D.C. locks down and prepares for Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration, tensions are running high across the nation. There have been FBI and law enforcement warnings that protests and rallies will be taking place starting today, and continuing through Wednesday. While much of the legacy media has warned of far-right protestors, numerous campaigns from the left and radical left have been planned. Regardless of the affiliation, Liberty Nation will be tracking all the protests and bringing you all the latest updates and commentary.

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The Arizona Capitol has been fenced off in anticipation of protests tomorrow. The local FBI office reports that it “has not received any specific and substantiated threat to the Arizona state capitol or other government buildings.”

Washington, D.C.:

An estimated 200,000 American flags have been placed on the National Mall to signify all those that could not attend in person.

This video from Max Blumenthal shows the security measures that have been put in place around the Capitol. Liberty Nation’s Leesa K. Donner described, “miles of fencing and concrete barriers are going up, making Washington, D.C. look more like an erector set than the capital of the free world.”

New York:

According to the Twitter account NYC Protest Updates, around 100 people from the earlier BLM march are now inside the Fulton Center:


The Arizona Republican Party has released a message stating: “There are no upcoming peaceful protests scheduled at the Arizona State Capitol. Ignore misinformation. Stay safe. Stay home. Pray.” It seems that the AZ GOP is expecting protests to occur over the next two days.

New York:

An estimated 29 people have been arrested after clashes with police at a Black Lives Matter march to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It is being reported that at least ten law enforcement officers have been injured.


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