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The Pernicious Spending of Soros

by | Oct 22, 2017 | The Left

At a recent Liberty Nation event, Nigel Farage was asked what he thought was the best way to fight the influence of leftist financier George Soros. His response was that you fight fire with fire, and money with money. Well folks, that battle just got $18 billion tougher.

The billionaire investor transferred the money from his hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, into Open Society Foundations (OSF), which he uses as a vehicle to fund his favorite politicians and leftist agendas across the world. After the most recent transfer, that nearly tripled the worth of the foundation, OSF coffers now sit at a pretty $25.3 billion.

Patron Saint of Extreme Leftists

George Soros has spent billions of dollars trying – and often succeeding – to buy elections for the “progressive” politicians of his choice. He also funds liberal activists and advertisements on a number of topics. NewsBusters explains:

“According to OSF, Soros has given away roughly $14 billion throughout his lifetime, much of which has been used to attack religion and advance a liberal agenda on immigration, abortion, hate speech, the Women’s March and environmentalism.”

Those billions have, all too often, paved the way for hateful rhetoric, misinformation, and even physical violence. Liberty Nation’s Leesa K. Donner summed up the evident effect Soros has on our nation in her article, Soros & Trump: A Battle of Thoroughbreds:

“From Black Lives Matter to the group that organized protests in Ferguson, Missouri to the left-wing Media Matters, Soros’ hoof-prints can be seen all over the American political landscape.”

You read that correctly; George Soros funded BLM and the violent rioters of Ferguson. He has paid anti-Trump protesters across the nation. He is the patron saint of extreme leftists, and now, of the anti-Trump Resistance.

He also devoted over $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes to defeat Donald Trump, according to Politico.

Of course, Hillary lost in spite of his added millions. It seems he bet on the wrong horse. But the foundation that paid for the vast majority of her campaign has now been nearly tripled, and with it, the political buying power of the godfather of the left.

All Is Not Lost

As intimidating as those numbers are, all is not lost. Hillary Clinton failed to win the presidency in spite of George’s millions – indeed, she almost certainly lost many votes because of his money. Soros has long been a Clinton supporter, and the mutual nature of that devotion has been well remarked upon by none other than George Soros himself.

There have been allegations that he has influenced Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s actions regarding foreign policy. According to FOX News, Hillary was advised to, and seemed to, act to please Mr. Soros – including on matters of foreign policy. Americans have noticed, and Clinton has been called, by some, a mere puppet of the leftist financier.

In his international meddling, Mr. Soros is finally reaping what he sowed. Some countries, like Russia, have enacted bans on any political interference on his part. Other countries, including his own native Hungary, are considering implementing George Soros bans. The call has gone out to stop his political collusion efforts right here State-side as well.

The fight against George Soros can certainly still be won. If we can’t outspend George, we must outwork him. We must be the people on the ground spreading information, making sure people know what he’s doing. We must ensure that no matter how much money George Soros throws at elections, his money and his name become toxic.

With a little luck and a lot of work, God willing, financial and political support from George Soros or his foundation will someday be seen as a mark of doom, and no more politicians will ride the wave of Soros money into office.

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