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It would be nice to think that all the speeches given this past weekend were about safety. However, it is becoming clear they aren’t. Andrew Pollack is the father of Meadow Pollack, who died in the Parkland shooting. Her brother, Hunter, wanted to give a speech at the March for Our Lives event this past weekend. Initially, organizers told Hunter that he would be able to, but then denied him the chance later on for an unknown reason. Andrew’s speech wasn’t full of anti-gun demagoguery. It was focused around making schools safe, not politics. Democrats and leftists don’t care about school safety, so they turned this into politics.

The days since the shooting had two agendas from two different political parties. Republicans made logical arguments to harden schools with armed security, metal detectors, and trained teachers who carried concealed firearms. Democrats immediately made emotional statements blaming the NRA, the Second Amendment, Conservatives, and never mentioned one measure that could be taken to secure schools.

Hunter Pollack wanted to march in honor of his sister and the other sixteen victims. He planned to give a speech to a crowd of thousands after marching. However, he was never allowed. Hunter’s message wasn’t the equivalent of sharks attacking chum. The address covered lack of safety and security at the school, a subject the left doesn’t want to discuss.

The speech also revolved around the “sickness and hatred” that was in Cruz’s heart. The left doesn’t believe in others taking responsibility for their actions. Hunter said, ”She is dead because the madness of one young man and his determination to kill was greater than our desire to stop him.” That statement flies in the face of those who want to take away the rights of others over Cruz’s depraved actions.

Hunter Pollack is correct. Leftist see this shooting as an opportunity to enact and push their anti-gun agenda. Democrats aren’t searching for school safety – they haven’t offered up any solutions to implement at this moment. In fact, they opposed arming teachers, which could be a reasonably quick move in the right direction for school safety.

There was a school shooting at Great Falls High School in Maryland. The Mainstream Media failed to give much coverage. The reason? A school resource officer stopped the incident by firing at the suspect, causing him to commit suicide. They ignored this story because it gives credence to Trump’s and Conservatives point that responsible and willing adults should be allowed to carry in schools. The media doesn’t care about the safety lesson; they need the push for their political narrative.

In most cases, children who are exposed to this type of incident should be left alone regarding their political opinions. However, David Hogg has put himself in an adult argument by participating in dozens of CNN and MSNBC interviews since the shooting. Recently, Hogg was interviewed in an Axios forum about gun control. He complained about the new school policy that requires all students to use clear backpacks. Hogg stated that infringed on his Constitutional rights, though he could not describe how. If Hogg cared about school safety, he would praise the new policy, not complain about it.

There are many entities at fault in the tragedy, but the NRA isn’t one of them. Leftist spokespeople have preached that the only way to keep schools safe from shootings is banning AR-15’s, shutting down the NRA, and gutting the Second Amendment. It is no coincidence leftists don’t advocate for real solutions.

Organizers for the march don’t care about school safety either. If they did, Hunter Pollack would have been able to give his speech and offer actual solutions to harden schools.

The truth is Democrats and other leftists don’t mind if school shootings continue. They need to be able to attack the NRA and the Second Amendment to score political points, and for that, these shootings are quite useful. Real school safety measures will prevent Democrat political touchdowns like the incident in Parkland, Florida. And the left can’t have that happen.

Remember, votes over victims.


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