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NBC Analyst: Racism Is Sick Therefore Trump Has Dementia

The media are making the mistakes of 2016 all over again.

A leading NBC News “analyst” has come up with a not-so-neat new parlor trick to allow him the luxury of indulging in a ludicrously partisan attack against President Trump. Lean on your political biases to falsely accuse a sitting president of racism, proclaim that racism is a sign of dementia, and then offer that as proof that the president is displaying classic signs of suffering from debilitating cognitive issues.

I’m Not a Doctor But I Play One on TV

John Heilemann, a political and national affairs analyst for the Peacock Network, appeared on MSNBC on Sept. 2 to make his absurd prognosis of Trump’s health. “We often hesitate to go here,” Heilemann prefaced, chomping at the bit to do just that. “None of us on this show right now are doctors. None of us are qualified to do diagnosis. I’m not qualified to do diagnosis. I’m not going to pretend like I am.” He then immediately proceeded to diagnose Trump: “I have seen friends and family members in their advanced years have dementia and have cognitive issues, right?” Heilemann began before tumbling into full subjective mode:

“And there are three things that I have seen in others who have gotten into stages of advanced dementia. One of them is delusional tendencies. Another is paranoia, intense paranoia, and the third is, unfortunately — and again, many people, good people, upstanding people have had this problem — where you’ve seen someone in your family or in a family close to you where someone in an advanced stage of dementia starts to exhibit racist tendencies.”

Heilemann wrapped up his crazed musings with unalloyed cheek, saying: “Again, I can’t diagnose the guy, maybe he doesn’t have any dementia at all.”

Well, I’m not a doctor either, but it is not hard to determine that Heilemann is yet another specimen of major network “journalist” suffering from a particularly acute dose of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Heilemann is a regular on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show hosted by notorious Trump-bashing B-listers Joe Scarborough and wife Mika Brzezinski.

He has used that platform to spitefully mock those who donated to former White House staffer Steve Bannon’s private Border Wall construction project as “MAGA dopes.” In 2018, he grotesquely declared that ten percent of Trump supporters would give the president “the power to do whatever he wants, including kill [their] parents.”

The latter comment shows an odd recurring tendency on Heilemann’s part. He seems to feel that if he coats his wildly one-sided takes in familial trappings, they somehow become more convincing. “I would like a pollster to ask this question: ‘How many people in the Republican Party think that it would be okay for Donald Trump to dissolve their own grandparents?'” Heilemann asked in that 2018 segment.

“If you ran into a guy behaving the way Trump behaves at a backyard barbecue in your neighborhood, back when you were still allowed to have backyard barbecues in your neighborhood, and you met that guy, you would be expressing sympathy to his relatives and saying, ‘Yeah, I’ve had someone in my family whose had issues with dementia,'” he said in his latest remarks.

Hiding the Oversized Donkey in the Room

Big-box media hacks are straining mightily to accuse Trump of displaying signs of what every honest American can see for his or her self. Democrat White House rival Joe Biden is suffering serious mental impairment, and it appears to be getting worse. Biden finally took media questions at a briefing in Delaware on Sept. 2. Days earlier, a bizarre “campaign event” saw him leave the basement from he has been communicating over the past few months to fly to Pittsburgh to speak to an empty room, save for a handful of reporters.

At the Delaware Q&A, Biden looked demonstrably fatigued, though he made no significant gaffes while answering queries that were in no way unexpected or anything that would force him to be quick on his feet.

In July, Liberty Nation Editor-in-Chief Leesa K. Donner broke down Biden’s performance on “four crucial cognitive domains.” This is a far more fruitful exercise than saying: “Biden disagrees with me on issues. That makes him a bigot. Which, of course, is a sign of dementia. Therefore Biden has dementia. Quod erat demonstrandum.”

By any reasonable measure, Biden is noticeably lagging in processing speed, memory, language, and visuospatial ability. If they believe that unaligned voters will consider Biden’s repeated inability to speak in coherent sentences less a marker of mental instability than Trump’s alleged “racist tendencies,” then these biased “reporters” have another 2016 coming. And it won’t require a licensed physician to conclude that, once again, they will stubbornly refuse to learn any lesson from their inanities.


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