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The Millennial View: Milo Yiannopoulous and Campus Hell

If the past presidential election has taught us anything, it is that college campuses are often not institutions that foster critical thinking skills; instead, they are establishments that stifle opposing viewpoints. Since the election of President Donald Trump, college students have attended and even organized protests on campus against Trump’s presidency, his policies, and anything else that dares to step outside of the left’s agenda.

At University of California – Berkeley, violent protests erupted recently involving smoke bombs and fires, as reported by CNN. Why would college students engage in rioting and burning of their own turf? They did not agree with the views of the guest speaker on campus that night. Conservative homosexual writer Milo Yiannopoulous planned to give a speech on cultural appropriation that night; according to USA Today, protesters labeled his planned talk as “hate speech.” The protesters only want free speech for homosexuals whose views align with that of the far-left’s agenda.

The narrow-mindedness involved in censoring Yiannopoulous not only proves the oversensitivity of the left, but also their lack of reasoning for their platform. According to their belief system, if they are unable to logically dispute an opposing viewpoint, then said viewpoint must be censored.

Another example of repression of free thought on college campuses comes from my own institution, the University of Central Florida. Knights for Socialism, the university’s socialist group, gained national publicity from The Blaze for holding an event to teach self-defense skills. The event was specifically billed as being “open to everyone and anyone, EXCEPT REPUBLICANS.” These lovingly sympathetic socialists believe that only individuals with similar viewpoints deserve security.

Moreover, the lack of exposure to differing viewpoints will soon lead to a rude awakening for these kids, as the real world will not adhere to their hypersensitive lifestyles. Instead of sharpening critical thinking skills at the university, these socialist students are hindering growth for themselves and other students.

A report by PBS found that students with political beliefs which contrast those on the far left often choose to hide their political views. This fear of “coming out” as a conservative or libertarian stems from the left’s ignorant tactics of labeling dissenters as bigots, racists, sexists, and more.

In an environment supposedly meant to prepare students for both the job market and adult life, liberal universities are creating and fostering a culture of conformity; if you refuse to partake in their groupthink, you become an outcast. Young Conservatives and Libertarians should not fret, however, as their persistence in maintaining logical thinking skills is both commendable and critical.

Although the current situation in college campuses may seem like Campus Hell, here’s the good news: the future of our nation is in good hands. There are still many young Conservatives and Libertarians continuing to question and search for the truth.

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